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Conversation 2 Course Overview
Class Information: Conversation 2, Site__, Room__, Days__, Time__
Section Number:
Course Description:
For students interested in obtaining a practical degree of fluency in spoken English. This course
focuses on the further analysis of conversational strategies including verbal and nonverbal
communication within large and small groups. Emphasizes differences between formal and
colloquial language, based on American attitudes and culture. Recommended for Intermediate ESL
2 and Intermediate ESL 3 students. Open Entry/Open Exit.
Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs):
Upon completion of this course, students will be able to
use high-intermediate listening/speaking skills and conversational strategies to participate in
demonstrate understanding of information presented orally and non-verbal cues.
Assessments/Lessons/Homework Assignments:
Students take assessments as provided by the instructor. Classroom lessons/materials focus on the
following life skills categories: basic communication, consumer economics, community resources,
health and safety, occupational knowledge, and government and law. Homework assignments may
be given.
Grading Standards:
Students who attend at least one class meeting receive one of the following grades at the end of a
(satisfactory progress)
(no measurable progress)
Attendance Requirements:
Students who do not attend the first class meeting, or are absent for five day classes or four
evening classes within a 2-week period without the instructor’s approval may be dropped .
Santa Ana College School of Continuing Education Mission Statement
The Santa Ana College School of Continuing Education is a responsive community leader dedicated
to adult student success through innovative educational programs and services. The School of
Continuing Education prepares students to transition to college, improve language and workforce
skills, increase civic involvement, and promote lifelong learning.
SCE website for ESL students: http://www.sac.edu/ContinuingEducation/ESL/Pages/default.aspx