New Initiatives Funding 2009-10

New Initiatives Funding 2009-10
Monitoring and Evaluation
Please complete this evaluation form one month after the end date of the project. If
your project runs over a longer period we will ask for updates prior to the Skills
Training Forum meetings. We can help you with drawing up feedback forms to
evaluate your project and please send us any photos or newsletter reports etc.
Monitoring of New Initiatives Project
Title of project
MeCCSA-PGN 2010 Conference
Contact person /
email address
Funding required
Did the project meet its aims? If any of the aims or deliverables changed during
the course of the project please say why.
Yes. Our aim was to organise a two day postgraduate conference on behalf of
MeCCSA (Media, Communications and Cultural Studies Association) Postgraduate
Network, which was held on June 30th and July 1st at Glasgow University. We sought
new initiatives funding to pay for guest speakers to speak at our event as well as a
training workshop on academic publishing. We fulfilled both these goals with exciting
and insightful plenaries and a workshop that included both published academic
authors and representatives from eSharp, Glasgow University’s postgraduate online
journal, and from Palgrave/BFI. This publishing event met its aims of providing
postgraduate delegates with training on how to write clearly and in a style that is
appropriate to published articles. Overall the conference also met its aim of drawing
in both national and international postgraduate and early doctoral researchers from a
wide range of disciplines.
Who benefited from the project? Was this the intended group?
The conference committee benefited greatly from the experience of organising and
managing the conference. We learnt a range of transferable skills that will be
invaluable for our academic development and future employability. It enabled us to
gain experience in project management and peer review, be creative in arranging
various events and display motivation by setting, prioritising and meeting deadlines
and goals in the lead up to the event. Our training event also provided us and our
delegates with useful information on how to disseminate and publish our research,
while the plenary speeches delivered by Professor Christine Geraghty and Professor
Philip Schlesinger gave insightful accounts of the current climate of media research.
Further, the conference delegates benefited from the experience of writing and
presenting papers amongst a group of peers and seeing the relevance of their own
work in a broader research community. It also provided a networking opportunity for
delegates and informed them of the goals of the MeCCSA Postgraduate Network.
How did you evaluate the success of the project? (additional feedback can be
We provided feedback forms for delegates to fill out. Please see attached sheet for a
summary of this feedback.
Please return bids to the Researcher Development Initiative at No 10 The Square
Would you recommend this project runs in future years or in other parts of the
University? Are there any changes or developments that you would make if it ran
N/A. The conference was organised on behalf of an external organisation (MeCCSA
Postgraduate Network) and their events take place in a different location each year.
Please return bids to the Researcher Development Initiative at No 10 The Square