College of Social Sciences Employability Awards – Application

College of Social Sciences Employability Awards –
Employability Award application form:
Names of applicants
[Please provide full
name(s) and student
Title of application
[This will be used in
any description of the
project to be used on
the CoSS webpages]
Description of
intended activity
[Please provide a
detailed description of
the intended activity
including dates for
Impact on
employability and
academic studies
[Min 150 words.
Please provide a
detailed description of
how participating in
this activity will
impact on the
student(‘s’) future
skills development and
employability, and
also on their current
academic studies]
Cost breakdown
[Please provide full
details of the costs
associated with the
intended activity and
whether the student(s)
is(are) able to pay for
the activity up-front
and claim back via an
expenses claim1. If this
is not possible a
minimum of three
weeks will be required
to process payments
for goods or services
and they can only be
made via University
Approved Suppliers]
Post-activity interview:
(To be submitted to the CoSS Employability Officer within two weeks of activity
The following interview will be published on the CoSSEmploy website. The
primary audience is other students. We would like you to write this content with
this audience in mind and we would hope that your experiences will encourage
them to engage in similar that will help them develop their employability.
Please attach at least one photograph to this document of yourself or your team,
preferably engaged in the activity we are supporting. We will display these
photographs alongside your interview.
CoSS Employ Team:
Hi, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Your answer:
CoSSEmploy Team:
Can you tell us a bit about the activity that you have been
engaged in which has been supported by the CoSSEmploy
Employability Award?
Your answer:
CoSSEmploy Team:
What, for you, was the highlight of your involvement in this
Your answer:
Student expenses claims can be found here:
CoSSEmploy Team:
What has been the biggest impact on your employability?
Your answer:
CoSSEmploy Team:
What advice would you have for other students considering
taking part in this type of activity?
Your answer:
CoSSEmploy Team:
If you would be willing for other students to contact you for
advice about getting involved in this type of activity please
enter your student email below.
Student email (if
The completed form should be emailed to the College of Social Sciences
Employability Officer, [email protected]