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Human Resources
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Manager Resources
 Hiring
 Organizational Development Consulting
 Performance Planning Review
 Recognizing Your Employees
 Change Management
 Job Evaluation
 Employee and Family Assistance Program Leader Support
 Vacation Planning
 Pay Schedules and Deadlines
Performance planning & review
Regular feedback combined with the annual performance review and feedback helps to keep employees
engaged in the work that they perform. Development plans and performance reviews focus on coaching and
developing employees, helping them to reach their full potential.
Performance planning guide (PDF)
This guide assists leaders and staff in identifying the performance planning process at Ryerson: ensuring that
employees know what is expected of them, how they are performing and what can be done to strengthen
Performance planning: Tools and templates (DOC)
This document contains templates to help guide your performance planning. Templates include a
development plan checklist, sample performance log, end of year preparation checklist and more.
Performance planning and review form (DOC)
MAC employees use this form to track development planning and performance reviews.
Development feedback form OPSEU (DOC)
OPSEU employees use this form to track development planning and performance reviews.
To realize the university's mission, we all must strive to continually improve individual, team and university
The four primary objectives of performance management include: increased communication, improved
performance, employee development and human resource management.
Increased communication
 Improving communication between leaders and staff
 Clarifying job responsibilities and standards
 Giving staff feedback on their performance
Improved performance
 Establishing challenging yet achievable performance goals in support of organizational objectives
 Encouraging individuals and work teams to strive for continuous improvement and quality
 Identifying and eliminating obstacles to performance
Employee development
 Focusing upon and addressing staff growth and career development
 Recognizing individual performance
 Optimizing staff skills, abilities and knowledge for mutual benefit
Human resources management
 Planning for development, resources and other issues
How we can help
For guidance and support in performance planning for your team contact Miriam Comerford, director of
organizational and employee effectiveness, at or 416-979-5000, ext. 2641.
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Human Resources
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