Scrapbooking Supplies for Beginners 1. 2.

Scrapbooking Supplies for Beginners
Here are some suggestions on what supplies a beginner may need.
Acid free Solid Papers 60 Sheets – Assorted 12 X 12
Patterned Papers 12 x 12 Collection Pack
Clearly, the most important scrapbooking supplies you will need, besides photos, is the scrapbooking paper itself.
Remember to choose acid-free and lignin-free papers if you want your scrapbooking to last for years without the papers
turning yellowish and damaging your precious photos.
Adhesive is what holds your photos, title, journaling blocks, ribbons, buttons, chipboard accents or whatever you choose to
stick to your page. So no, your scrapbook supplies collection won't be complete without an adhesive of some sort.
And they come in various formats. From tape runner, glue dots, glue stick to liquid glue. So the deciding factor on which
type of adhesive to use would be the intended surface. Check out the manufacturers' descriptions.
Keep in mind that you're building memories here, so you'll want to choose an adhesive that last for years. You won't want
to see your photos falling off your wonderful scrapbook layouts, do you? Just shop around a little and you'll see there's really
a number of acid-free scrapbook adhesives that will fix the pasting job nicely.
Choose pens that have pigment ink, fade-proof, water-proof and will keep your scrapbooking layout safe. You need pens
to note down dates, names and write descriptions about your precious moments.
You can also use them to doodle on your layouts.
For starters, you can never go wrong with a black one. It'll see you through countless pages, and matches with everything.
Next, you need good cutting tools as you'll be cutting lots of papers! A pair of precise, sturdy and good scissors will see you
through many detailed cutting work.
You might want to set aside this pair of scissors for your scrapbooking projects and nothing else.
Trimmers – only if you are really serious. I will provide some, however we will have to share.
A good trimmer will let you slice up quick, accurate cuts to your papers and see you through countless scrapbooking
sessions. You might want to get one with inexpensive replacement blades, or better yet, a self-sharpening model!
Tip: Make sure yours has a well-marked, built-in ruler that makes
Embellishments make scrapbooking so exciting! There are ribbons, chipboard accents, borders, tags, flowers, buttons,
stickers, brads, eyelets, and others.
The right embellishments can really step up your page to looking great! The important thing is to check whether your
embellishments enhance and help to pull the page together. If it distracts or jars your senses, it's probably not necessary.
Ribbons seem to be so popular among scrapbookers. You can use it in several ways, as a page border, loop it into a flower,
frame a photo with it, use it to hang/tie another element on the page. So try to get your hands on some ribbons and see
what you can do with it!
After spending efforts into your pages, you'll want to keep them safe and a place to house them.
Like everything else, albums come in a variety of sizes, formats, textures, designs and colors. So pick one that fits your
personality and sense of style. You'll be working with the same album for quite some time, so get one that you like.
Page Protectors
As you happily scrap more and more pages, you'll quickly outgrow the page protectors in your album. You can add new
page protectors by buying additional packs. Or if you're just starting out and not ready to buy an album yet, it might be a
good idea to buy some page protectors to store and protect your scrapbook layouts in the meantime.
Make sure that they are acid-free to protect your lovingly-created pages.
10. Bag or Storage Containers