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Contact Information
Robyn Polizzi
Welcome to First
Reader’s Workshop
Read Aloud
Independent Reading
Partner Reading
Guided Reading/ Strategy
Response to Reading
Word Work
Shared Reading
Listen to Reading
Reading, each child
reads “just right”
books from his or
her own book box.
Read Aloud
Through listening to
and discussing stories,
students develop
comprehension skills
and higher level
thinking skills.
Guided Reading/
Strategy Groups
• Provides small group,
direct instruction of
reading strategies in
carefully selected texts.
• Provides guided
practice in applying
reading strategies.
• We use the developmentally
driven Words Their Way
instructional approach.
• This approach provides a
practical way to study words
and spelling patterns.
• Based on developmental
spelling level, students study
words and then take a test
to see if they have mastered
a particular spelling pattern.
• Students will not have
spelling words to study at
• We have recess
and lunch from
10:50 – 11:30.
• You are welcome to
have lunch with
your child any day.
Throughout the year,
the children learn the
craft of writing by
creating personal
narratives as well as
expository pieces
based on topic
Specialist Classes:
•Spanish 90
•Library 30
•PE everyday 30
•Music 1 hour/week
•Art 1 hour/week
Math in Focus: The Singapore
Approach is a math curriculum from
Singapore adapted for U.S. classrooms
based on updated math standards.
This year, your first grader will focus on:
• Building problem-solving skills and
• Counting, comparing, and writing
numbers to 100
• Adding and subtracting 1-digit and
2-digit numbers
• Classifying and sorting shapes and
• Measuring length and weight
• Using calendars, time and money
Sample Workbook Pages
Number Bonds Lesson
Number Bonds Lesson
Number Bonds Homework
Social Studies
In our social studies units, we explore:
• Strategies for resolving
• Community, citizenship,
rules and laws
• Geography: city, state,
• Economic literacy: goods,
services, wants and needs
• History: comparing past,
present and future
Science Units
• FOSS - Full Option
Science System (Univ. of
CA at Berkley)
• This science curriculum
actively engages students
in asking questions,
exploring ideas, gathering
data, and drawing
Air and Weather
Solids and Liquids
Plants and Insects
• A book bag with “just right”
books will come home daily
and must be returned to
school each day.
• Read with your child for 1015 minutes 4 evenings per
week and fill out the reading
log that is in your child’s
book bag.
• Math homework will be sent
home on Mondays and
Classroom Expectations for Behavior
The CLAYMO Promise
I will take good care of myself,
all the people around me,
and all the things around me.
Yourself and
Classroom Expectations for Behavior
Love and Logic Philosophy
• I will treat you with respect, so you will
know how to treat me.
• Feel free to do anything that doesn’t
cause a problem for anyone else.
• If you cause a problem, I will ask you to
solve it.
• If you can’t solve the problem, or choose
not to, I will do something.
• What I do, will depend on the special
person, and the special situation.
• If you feel something is unfair, whisper to
me, “I’m not sure that’s fair,” and we will
Classroom Expectations for Behavior
Behavior Intervention Support Team (B.I.S.T.)
For those students who are having a problem that they need help
resolving, I will ask the student to move to the “safe seat” until I
have time to help them solve their problem.
If a student is unable to sit quietly in the safe seat, I will ask the
student to move to the “buddy room” (a second grade classroom).
Usually this change in environment helps a child to get refocused.
I will talk to the student as soon as I can to discuss how he/she
plans to address his/her problem. Sometimes a “Think Sheet” is
used as a tool to help the child process the problem and solution.
If the student is able to take responsibility for the behavior and
comes up with a solution to the problem, he/she is invited to come
back to the classroom to try the “safe seat” again before returning
to his/her spot at the table or on the rug.
Goals for My Life
I can be angry, upset, or overwhelmed by my
feelings and not get in trouble.
I can be okay even if others are not okay.
I can do something even if I don’t want to (even
if it’s difficult)
First Grade Web Page
To keep your child
energized and hydrated. . .
Put a water bottle and
a nutritious, nut-free
snack in your child’s
backpack everyday.
Birthday Celebrations
• Mrs. Scott
birthdays during
• Please keep birthday
treats for your
celebration at home.
No Nuts, Please!
* No peanuts or tree nuts or products containing peanuts or tree nuts
may be brought into classrooms for any purpose, such as snacks,
classroom parties, birthdays, etc.
* No peanuts or tree nuts or products containing peanuts or tree nuts
will be served in the school cafeterias.
Students may not have nuts in their lunches or classrooms. The
restrictions apply, but are not limited, to:
* Lunches
* Snacks, including snacks for events such as classroom parties,
* Any other items brought into the school by students, parents,
patrons, vendors or others.
Mrs. Polizzi’s Class Schedule
8:30 Bell rings and Line up
8:40-9:40 Writer’s Workshop
9:40-10:50 Reader’s Workshop
10:50-11:30 Recess and Lunch
11:30-12:20 Reader’s Workshop
Library every B-day
12:20-1:20 Specials
1:20-2:20 Math
Studies/ART on every C-day
• 3:20-3:30-Closing and Dismissal
Specialist Classes
D-Days- Music/PE