Thinking of spending your 3 year abroad? We can help.

Thinking of spending your 3rd year abroad? We can help.
Many Universities will be teaching their classes in English, but knowing the language of your host
country will make your experience much more enjoyable and everyday life much easier.
To fund your language tuition in Glasgow before you go, the Language Centre offers a
Study Abroad Scholarship if you are thinking of signing up for an exchange, and funding for
Additional Language Support if you have signed up for an exchange.
12 places are available each year. See below for the timeline and follow these steps according to
where you are in your studies and what your current level is: start from scratch or add to existing skills.
In your
Language Learning Activity
Level in Common European Framework
Take a leisure class:-
This will take you from Beginner to A1
Languages at Lunchtime
2 hours / week x 16 weeks £120
Early Evening Language Classes
2 hours / week x 16 weeks £150
You will be able to
 understand and use familiar everyday
expressions and very basic phrases.
 introduce yourself and others
 ask and answer questions about personal
 interact in a simple way,
Part 1
12 places available for
Study Abroad Scholarship:-
Will take you from A1 to A2
You will be able to
 understand sentences and frequently used
expressions around you
 communicate in simple language for routine
 describe in simple terms aspects of your
background and matters of immediate need.
Offers 2 hours /week over 16 weeks
Part 2
Additional Language Support:Offers 20 hours of top-up classes
prior to departure
You will be studying abroad
Will take you from A2 to B1
You will be able to
 understand the main points on familiar
 deal with most situations likely to arise
whilst travelling
 produce simple connected text on familiar
 describe experiences, events, hopes &
ambitions, & justify opinions and plans.
Your everyday interactions will allow you to move
from B1 to B2, which is a High Intermediate level
To be eligible for funded language tuition, students must provide a written confirmation from their
Erasmus Coordinator by July of their 1st year which proves that:a) They are interested in an Erasmus exchange (if applying for the Study Abroad Scholarship);
b) They will be going on an Erasmus exchange (if applying for Additional Language Support).
To register interest, contact
Pilar Delgado Chaves ( or Katrin Frahm
( in the University of Glasgow Language Centre
Hetherington Building, Bute Gardens, Glasgow, G12 8RS
Telephone: (Direct Line) 0141 330 6521 Fax: 0141 330 4114
The University of Glasgow, Charity Number SC004401