Exploratorium - November 9 24 , 2015



Exploratorium - November 9 th 24 th , 2015


Big Question: How do I acquire the skills, knowledge base, and habits to make sense of a complex problem?

Questions for the Project:

How are engineering and science similar and how are they different? How do I use both lenses to understand a complex system? How do I apply knowledge from one project to the next?

What are the variables in a system? How do I understand and manipulate variables to get a desired outcome?

How do I use professional criteria to evaluate my progress?

How do I examine, analyze and evaluate systems? How do I use multiple media to improve my understanding of systems?

Words to Think About:

“The important thing in science is not so much to obtain new facts as to discover new ways to think about them.” William Lawrence Bragg

“Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose.” Zora Neale


The Story So Far …

October rolled into November with the organized chaos of more than 100 children designing, testing and redesigning Rube Goldberg machines. Videologs*, journals, and organized record-keeping demonstrated student struggles and triumphs.

And Now …

Applying our understanding of the engineering design process to flight will finish the month of November. The paper airplane final competition will be held on Thursday,

November 19 th putting our work to the test. Guiding our thinking and assisting us in setting goals for professional growth will flow from structured critical thinking.

Calendar Items:

 Video Logs, Journals and CTQs due Monday, November 23 rd .

 Systems Analysis Diagram – Due Tuesday, November 17 th .

 Animal Friendly Thanks Day, Tuesday, November 24 th .



Develop a lab notebook and a Google Doc of your progress using the CTQs to keep a record of your growth as a professional.

Work individually to create 2 airplanes – one for distance and one for time aloft.

Use diagrams, research, and creativity to accomplish this task.

Create a video log of your experience. Develop criteria for improving your Vlog.