Cellular Respiration Activities

Cellular Respiration Activities
Day 1- created a diagram of aerobic respiration by reading the steps and interpreting
those steps into a diagram
Day 2- Watched videos and looked at diagrams for a more in-depth view of the three
main parts of aerobic respiration
Day 3- Tylenol Cyanide Murders of 1982 Case Study
Day 4- Researched other drugs and diseases that affect the process of cellular respiration
Day 5- How does temperature, the type of sugar, the amount of glucose affect the rate of
cellular respiration
Day 6- Calorimetry lab- how calories and cellular respiration are related
Day 7- Flow chart of what you eat and how it is used in the body
Day 8- Muscle fatigue lab
Day 9- Diagram and questions over anaerobic lactic acid and alcoholic fermentation
Day 10- Whiteboard three types of respiration in one “hybrid” cell
Day 11- Cricket Lab
Day 12- Looking at biofuels- follow the carbon atom
Day 13- Act out aerobic respiration