World History II- Meyers Name_______________________________

World History II- Meyers
Enduring Understandings: 1877-Present
EU#1: The United States has gradually become a global superpower.
EU#2: Technological changes, demographic changes, and the changing role of government have shaped
American society.
EU#3: The principle of self-determination has shaped World History.
EU#4: Increasing global interconnectedness has produced conflict and cooperation.
Unit 1: The Gilded Age and the Progressive Era
Essential Questions
1. What was the impact of industrialization and urbanization on American society?
2. What were the goals of the Progressives?
3. What methods did Progressives reformers use to try and achieve those goals?
4. To what extent were Progressive reformers successful in achieving their goals?
5. How did the role of government change during the Progressive Era?
Essential Skill
Evaluating Sources and Writing
Essential Vocabulary
Gilded Age, Industrialism. Urbanization, Progressivism, Socialism, Capitalism, Social Darwinism,
Liberalism, Conservatism, Anarchism, Suffrage, Immigration, Democracy, Nativism, Big Business
Unit Exam
60%- Multiple Choice, True / False, Matching
40%- Essay (chosen from one of our EQ’s)
100 Points
Syllabus for Unit 1
Wednesday, 8-12
Thursday, 8-13
Friday, 8-14
Monday, 8-17
Tuesday, 8-18
Welcome and Introductions
Debrief HW, Introduce Teacher and Course
Enduring Understandings 1 and 2
Enduring Understandings 3 and 4
Gilded Age: Industrialization and Urbanization
Wednesday, 8-19
The Rise of the West
Thursday, 8-20
The Rise of Industry
Friday, 8-21
Monday, 8-24
The Rise of the City
The Rise of the City
Chicago 1900
The Rise of Labor
Chicago 1900
Tuesday, 8-25
Wednesday, 8-26
Introduction to the Progressives (Goals)
Thursday, 8-27
Friday, 8-28
Monday, 8-31
Introduction to the Progressives (Methods)
PD Day: No School
Progressives Address Urban Problems
Tuesday, 9-1
Wednesday, 9-2
Thursday, 9-3
Friday, 9-4
Monday, 9-7
Tuesday, 9-8
Wednesday, 9-9
Political Corruption and a Changing Govn’t
Reform or Revolution?
Race, Class, Age, and Gender
Progressives Report Card, Essay Prep
Labor Day: No School!
Review Game
Personal History
Gilded Age Intro (The Jungle)
Reading: The Railroads
Purpose: How did the railroads change
Reading: Big Business
Purpose: What were the causes of the
rise of “big business?”
Reading: Urbanization
Purpose: Why were so many people
moving to the city?
Reading: Knights of Labor /Anarchism
Purpose: TBA
Reading: Progressives Intro
Purpose: Who were the Progressives
and what were they trying to change?
Crash Course Progressives Overview
(Go to my Youtube channel)
“Honest Graft”
Purpose: Was George W. Plunkitt
opportunistic or corrupt?
Dubois vs. Washington
Dubois vs. Washington
Progressives Report Card
Study for Exam!
Study for Exam!
Study for Exam!