Personal Statement

Supplemental Application
Personal Statement
The personal statement must be a typewritten statement that addresses each question. Do not
exceed two to three double-spaced pages.
1. Why do you want to be a counselor, and what are you planning to do with this degree?
What strengths do you have that would contribute to your being a good counselor?
2. How would people who know you well describe your interpersonal style? Please be
specific. In addition to describing how you effectively interact and work with others,
please speak about your approach to addressing conflict and receiving constructive
3. The Psychology program highly values diversity and social justice. Graduate students
are expected to self-evaluate and resolve any values that they hold that perpetuates
discrimination and marginalization of oppressed/minority groups, as such values,
rigidly and inflexibly held, can prevent students from performing the behaviors and
competencies expected in our program and in the profession of counseling (Mintz et
al, 2009). How will you begin the process of reflecting on and addressing any
attitudes, beliefs, assumptions, or feelings that may negatively impact your ability to
work with a client or a colleague holding an identity or social location different than
your own?