Central Office Administrator Client Survey INTRODUCTION

Central Office Administrator Client Survey
One of the things that we value in the School District of Clayton is feedback about how
we do our work. Client surveys are an essential component of gathering this feedback,
which we know contributes to our professional growth. I would appreciate it if you would
please take the time to provide your impression of Devin Davis, our Chief Information
Officer. You have my personal assurance that all responses will remain completely
anonymous. It would be helpful if you could complete this survey before Friday, March
Please click on the link below to take the survey. Thank you for taking the time to
participate in a process that will provide each of the District's administrators with
essential feedback about how we do our work. We will use these survey results in a
positive way to ensure that our central office administrators are best serving the needs of
the District.
Don Senti Superintendent
The category that best describes me is:
Administrative Council
Support Staff
PRC Member
Teacher Leader
Other, Please Specify
Administrator Evaluation
Response Key for Questions 1 to 30
1 (not at all) 2 3 4 5 6 7 (extremely) 8 (don’t know)
It is my impression that the ADMINISTRATOR:
(Questions 1-25 standardized for all administrators)
Articulates beliefs and vision to colleagues
Behaves in accordance with beliefs and vision
Establishes priorities aligned to beliefs and vision
Values diversity and its contribution to the educational community
Values and engages in ongoing learning for self
Values and encourages professional development and ongoing learning for
others in the District
Values and recognizes the contributions of others
Fosters shared beliefs and a sense of community and cooperation
Addresses problems and concerns in a timely manner
10. Involves others in problem solving
11. Seeks consensus in resolving issues
12. Promotes use of technology to maximize efficiency and support operations of
the District and to promote student success
13. Organizes office to be responsive and work effectively with other components
of the District
14. Is knowledgeable about District procedures, policies, relevant laws, financial
factors and appropriately applies to work
15. Is aware of details and undercurrents in the running of the District and uses this
information to address current and potential problems
16. Monitors effect of District practices and their impact on the work of the District
Communication and Collaboration with Colleagues
17. Develops and seeks to sustain positive relationships with the District staff
18. Seeks input and feedback from colleagues throughout the District
19. Strives to maintain relationship with members of the broader community who
may impact or are interested in the schools
20. Seeks to know what is going on within schools and departments
21. Communicates effectively
Ethical Behavior
22. Acts with integrity and demonstrates a personal code of ethics
23. Uses influence of office and role constructively and productively in the service
of all students and staff
24. Maintains confidentiality in relationships and communications with students
and staff
25. Treats people fairly, equitably, and with dignity
Custom Questions (Each survey include five questions customized by each
26. Is a person I can trust
27. Promotes the use of technology
28. Is knowledgeable regarding technology and its future trends
29. Represents the District in a positive manner
Is able to convey complex material in an understandable manner
Department Overall Evaluation
Please take a moment to evaluate the _____________ Department as a whole and not any
one individual within the department. Your responses will be kept anonymous and used
to improve the services provided by Clayton’s Central Office staff.
Response Key for Questions 31 to 40
1 (seldom) 2 (occasionally) 3 (frequently) 4 (always/almost always) 5 (don’t know)
The ___________ Department’s services are available when needed.
The ___________ Department’s services are effective when provided.
Needed follow-up of services provided by the ___________ Department is done
in a timely manner.
The ___________ Department’s services are provided in an cooperative
Communication from ___________ Department staff is clear and easily
The ___________ Department's staff gives me time to respond to their requests
for information.
Contact with the ___________ Department results in a sense of shared
responsibility for the success of my school/job/department/etc.
The ___________ Department’s services are continuously improving.
Effective problem solving skills are used by ___________ Department staff to
help resolve issues.
I would consider the ___________ Department's staff as being knowledgeable
or as being experts in their areas of responsibility.
Open-Ended Questions
I think the best service provided by the ___________ Department is:
Please list any additional comments that you feel could make a positive impact
on the services provided by the ___________ Department.
Thank you for your input.