Sustainable development aims at meeting the needs of the present concerning natural
resources without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.
The University of Glasgow recognises the significance of sustainable development in
global, national and local contexts and acknowledges a commitment to the protection of
the environment and the conservation of our natural resources.
The University is concerned about the effects of its decisions and actions on the quality
of life, the economy and world poverty, as well as the environment and natural resources.
It is committed to ensure that the ideals of sustainable development are integrated into all
aspects of University planning and activities.
The following actions will be adopted:
• To increase the awareness of sustainable perspectives amongst students and staff;
To encourage and integrate the teaching of and research into sustainable
development issues at all levels of the university;
To provide an integrated environmental management policy at every level and in
every department of the University, thereby maintaining and developing the
university in a sustainable manner;
To build partnerships and create local information networks for sharing
experience and knowledge of sustainability, and to contribute to national and
global discussions of sustainability issues;
To support the personal development of staff, complementing the HR strategy in
all areas of sustainable development;
To establish a Sustainable Development Advisory Committee which will promote
sustainable development issues and monitor and report on progress made towards
increased sustainability by conducting reviews of University policies and
operations. This Committee will report directly to the EPSC and thereby to Court.