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Miami Dade College
Wolfson Campus
ESL & Foreign Languages Department—Room 1615
EAP 1600(Speech 6)- Addendum
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Classmate: __________________________________ Phone: ____________________
Course Description: As stated in the main syllabus, students will expand
communication skills in various types of discourse for academic setting. Students will
demonstrate advanced speaking and listening ability by making presentations and
participating in classroom discussions. Participatory activities, which will take place in
and outside the classroom environment, are meant to enrich students’ vocabulary, offer
opportunities to practice grammatically accurate English, and improve pronunciation.
Prerequisites: EAP 1500 or equivalent proficiency. Co-requisite: EAP 1600 L
Text: More of the Real Thing by Martha E. Kendall
NOTE: We will also discuss contents from Chapter 5 (Happiness) & Chapter 11 (SelfEsteem), and what it takes to:
(1) Deliver your Message
(2) Think on Your Feet
(3) Put Your Speech Together
(4) Speak to Inform or Persuade
(5) Participate in Group Discussions
(6) Understand Intercultural Communication
FINAL PRESENTATION: Students will be required to participate in a 15-hour Service
Learning Project or conduct a research project on an organization that provides
services to the community at large. These findings will be presented to classmate
during Final Exam Week (see Final Project/Presentation handout).