Lesson 2, The EDIT Strategy

Lesson 2, The EDIT Strategy
Passage 3H
What amazed me the most was that evun at such a young age, every won of the kids in
my clas had a strong, definite personality. It was really surprising to me to be able too identify
the boy who will be klss clown in years to come and the girl who will excell at everything she
One thing I really had to take into consideration was that I was a role model for the kids.
It was weerd to be on the verge of walking off the diving brd backward and turn around to see 23
little faces ready to do whatever Coach Dana doe.
What really made the experence worth it was that even though the kids night never
remember me 10 yeers down the road, I was special to them for one long smer. Who knows,
maybe them will remember me, but its much more likely that they'll just remember some blonde
girl who drilled the words “UP, OUT, and AROUND!” endlessly into they’re heads to teach then
the “frogg” stroke (known to anyone who is not 6 and under as the breaststroke). For right now,
I'm content to know that the 3-year-olds can stay on top of the wtr and that I’ve made some very
good (and very yung) friends.
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