Covington Chronicle Mrs. Covington’s Third Grade News Week of January 4

Covington Chronicle
Mrs. Covington’s Third Grade News
Week of January 4th
A note from the teacher:
I hope you all had a fantastic holiday and I wish you all a
very Happy New Year! We are ready to rock 2016!
Learning Targets This Week
Math: *I can apply properties of operations as strategies to multiply
and divide. (3.OA.5)
Examples: If 6 × 4 = 24 is known, then 4 × 6 = 24 is also known.
(Commutative property of multiplication.) 3 × 5 × 2 can be found by
3 × 5 = 15, then 15 × 2 = 30, or by 5 × 2 = 10, then 3 × 10 = 30.
(Associative property of multiplication.) Knowing that 8 × 5 = 40 and
8 × 2 = 16, one can find 8 × 7 as 8 × (5 + 2) = (8 × 5) + (8 × 2) = 40
+ 16 = 56. (Distributive property.)
We are quickly approaching the second half
of the school year and students are
participating in many programs and activities
to help them become stronger readers. RTI
groupings are in full swing and all students are
getting what they need to push them to the
next level of greatness. Please continue to
read with your child each night and hold them
accountable by asking them to summarize or
ask them questions about what they have
read. Over the next few weeks your child will
be retested on fluency, accuracy, and reading
comprehension and I am excited to see how
much they have grown! 
*I can compare Earth’s saltwater and freshwater features
(including oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, ponds, streams, and
glaciers). (3.E.2.1)
*I can compare Earth’s land features (including volcanoes,
mountains, valleys, canyons, caverns, and islands) by using
models, pictures, diagrams, and maps. (3.E.2.2)
January 8th: School Spelling Bee
January 18th: No School/ Martin Luther King, Jr
This week students will be assessed on their oral reading
fluency, oral comprehension, and written comprehension.
Students are encouraged to do their best to show how much
they have improved with their reading. We have been
working hard on our fluency with our “Six Minute Solution”
program and have been answering written prompts in our
guided reading groups. Students are ready to rock the test!
January 19th-20th: Teacher Workdays (No
January 28th: Report Cards go home