Applied Technology
Briar Woods High School
The Applied Technology program at Briar Woods High School is designed to provide engineering based, active learning
situations and higher-order thinking skill development, which occurs through the systematic study of the application of
knowledge, creativity, and resources to solve problems.
The Applied Technology program features a hands-on approach where learning materials are presented in a variety of forms,
such as video, textbooks, workbooks, computer aided instruction, projects, and experimental hardware. The activities are taught
as a whole class activity, engineering teams of two, and in large groups where students are working to solve the similar
problems. Each activity is scheduled to last 8-10 class periods.
The student’s grade will be based on drawings, projects, tests, daily work ethic and clean-up performed in the class. A grade will also
be given for his/her efforts during class and his/her ability to work together with a team during some of the projects .
Grading Scale
A 93-97
A- 90-92
B 83-86
B- 80-82
C- 70-72
D- 60-62
59 and below
There will be little to no homework in this course. The course work and projects are designed and scheduled to be completed in class,
due to access to equipment. It is vitally important that the student be in class as much as possible to facilitate completion. Make up
work can be completed and scheduled with the teacher and parent either before or after school.
Tests may be given as part of certain units and activities completed during the course. They may include information on machines or
equipment as well as content related to the unit being covered. There will also be a cumulative test at the end of the First Semester
and a Final Exam.
Lab Deposit
Each student is responsible for a $20 Lab Deposit which is used to cover the cost of the materials the student will use in the class
during the year. It is possible that the student may have to bring in more Lab Deposit if he/she spends more on their projects during
the year. At the end of the first semester, we will evaluate where the student stands with his/her Lab Deposit balance and decide
whether they should bring in more money at that time. A project cost list will be kept during the year so that the teacher and student
will know exactly how much the student has spent and what his/her balance is. They may bring in cash or a check with a preference
being a check made out to BWHS. Bringing in a check helps with record keeping and also helps if the student loses the Deposit, it is
easy to replace. ALL deposits will receive a receipt for the student to bring home and the teacher will have a copy of the deposit.
Classroom Behavior and Attendance
The students will be spending time in both our Applied Technology Lab as well as our Production lab. Throughout this time they will
be using a variety of power machines, design and production equipment, and computers. Appropriate and safe behavior is vitally
important in this class with the equipment that the students will be using. Horse play is strictly forbidden as it could cause a serious
accident to the student and others in the class or damage to class equipment. The student will go through a safety lesson related to all
equipment they will need to use in the class, followed by a safety test that the student must achieve a 90 or above to use the
equipment. A safety Pledge will be given out which the student and parent/guardian must sign and return before the student is
allowed to begin work with any of the machines.
All LCPS computer use rules apply as well as other rules that must be followed when using a computer lab and a production lab. The
student is not allowed to have food or drinks at the computer station at any time.
Students are not to play any games using the computer unless permission is given.
Students are to ask permission before printing out material for outside purposes.
Books and materials from the classroom are not to leave the classroom without permission.
The teacher’s office and storage rooms are off limits to students unless permission is given
Students are not allowed to go to websites not approved by LCPS or the instructor.
Students are not allowed to go to My Space and Facebook
Applied Technology II
Applied Technology I
Students will learn to use different technologies in a hands-on class to build on
the experiences in Applied Technology I. These activities will include using computers, remote
con trolled vehicles, video equipment, electronics, and satellites. Students are challenged to use
these technologies to solve practical and real life problems.
Applying the foundations of technology.
Integrating technological systems and other school disciplines.
Identify and explain the problem-solving process.
Apply the technological method as a problem-solving process.
Use tools, machines, materials, and processes properly
Identify components of a design log.
Identify science laws and principles that are applicable to technology.
Demonstrate and practice group cooperation and leadership skills.
Meet responsibilities as defined by the problem-solving team.
Identify a major technological problem and design a system to solve it.
Demonstrate the use of math, science, language arts, and social studies to help
solve technological problems.
Identify and assess the impacts of technological systems on society and the
Examining all aspects of industry.
This course is a one credit elective required for the Standard or Advanced