Welcome to the A112 Café

Welcome to the A112 Café
Café Etiquette:
1. Focus on what matters.
2. Contribute to the conversation.
3. Speak your mind and heart.
4. Listen to understand.
5. Show respect to alternative viewpoints.
6. Link and connect ideas for deeper insight.
7. Write down your thoughts/brainstorming on the table –
doodle and draw your thoughts if needed!
8. Have fun!
*Initially you will have 30 minutes to prepare your topic.
Each rotation after that will have approximately 15 minutes
– not everyone will get to all tables.
1. Read allowed the question/statement posed at your
2. Discuss - Where do you stand? What are both sides to
the situation?
3. Your group needs to create three probing questions
that must be investigated in order to gain a deeper
understanding of various aspects of the topic.
4. Subdivide your group approximately in half. One half
of the group takes one viewpoint on the topic and the
other half takes an opposing viewpoint. Locate one
source of information that further explores the
viewpoint your smaller group explored. Use the 5x8
index cards on your table to create a source card for
your source. Leave the source cards on your table for
the groups that visit your table.
5. After the initial table talk, you will rotate to
another table in which you skim over the sources
provided by the original group and discuss the topic
presented. Read the questions and comments left by
the previous group(s) and then add your comments
6. Homework: REFLECTION
A. Which topic did you find most interesting and why?
Answer the following questions on the topic you referenced in part A.
B. Write down your position/opinion.
C. Write down one thoughtful or insightful comment from a fellow
D. After engaging in discussion on the topic, how has your
opinion/position/thinking changed as a result of the conversation?
*Copy and paste into a Google Doc. Answer the questions, print, and
turn in next class.
Table One: Education
Select one of the following to
Should engineers pay less
for college than English
How would you feel about
a computer grading your
Table Two: Technology
Should what you say/post on
social media be grounds for
school punishment or being
fired from a job?
Table Three: Art
Is graffiti art?
Table Four: Gender
Do parents have different
standards for their sons than
for their daughters?
Table Five: Sports
Is it offensive for sports
teams to use Native
American names and
Table Six: Politics
What is more important:
national security or
individual privacy?