DIGITAL DESIGN 2B Flash Chapter 9 - Using ActionScript Design Project

Chapter 9 - Using ActionScript
Design Project
Connect to the Internet, type the URL
Click instrument Frenzy, then read and follow the directions on the screen to play the game
Save the file as FL_C9_DP_dpc9 (your username) to your Flash C9 folder in your server folder
Answer the following questions:
1. In this game, the visitor uses the arrow keys on the keyboard to move the maestro back and forth—
the maestro has to catch the instrument as it drops—the visitor then moves the maestro to the
correct bin for the captured instrument and presses the down arrow to drop it in the bin by category
(woodwind, brass, percussion, strings)—if the instrument is dropped into the correct bin, the visitor
is awarded points—missed catches are also tabulated
a. What are some of the actions that might be used to enable the user to drag and drop an
instrument to the correct bin rather than using the arrow keys?
Which elements of the movie must be movie clip symbols?
Would all the movie clips need instance names?
b. What actions might be used to allow the visitor to enter a name at the beginning of the game
and have the name displayed at the end of the game?
c. When the question mark (?) button near the lower right of the screen is clicked, instructions for
playing the game appear—How would you create this navigation?
d. Suppose you wanted the text “Good job!” to appear for one second each time a visitor
successfully dragged an instrument into the correct bin—How might you go about creating this