Test Your Knowledge-Federalism

Test Your Knowledge-Federalism
Directions: Read each statement. Determine if the state government or national
government would have the power. If both governments have power, write “Both”.
Write your answer in the space provided.
1.__________________________Citizens in Western Loudoun want to submit a
petition to form an independent county called Catoctin County.
2. _________________________If a new county is created, a new school district
would have to be created to manage all the schools west of Leesburg.
3. _________________________Mr. Campbell decides he is tired of being held
down by the “the man” decides to stop obeying laws.
4. _________________________The residents of Sterling would like another post
5. _________________________The residents of Sterling would like a new DMV
facility (Department of Motor Vehicles) to handle the wave of qualified students
seeking learner’s permits.
6. _________________________In November of 2008, citizens across the United
States will vote for a President.
7. _________________________The United States stops trading with Cuba after
Fidel Castro takes over and Cuba becomes a communist country.
8. _________________________Local leaders in California, New Mexico, and
Arizona ask for a law that will give amnesty to all immigrants living in those
9. _________________________The US Air Force is created even though the
Constitution does not mention the right for the government to create it.
10. _________________________Additional courts are needed to prosecute rebels
like Mr. Campbell who keep breaking the laws.
11. _________________________Mrs. Fennimore cannot afford a Lamborghini
because every other week when she gets her paycheck the government has taken
all her money. She will have to settle for a Cadillac Escalade.
12. _________________________Keeping citizens safe.