Post WWII and Civil Rights Test Study Guide Little Rock, Arkansas

Post WWII and Civil Rights Test Study Guide
1. What is Racial Segregation?
- Separating people based on their race, color and culture.
2. Where did President Dwight D. Eisenhower had to enforce the Brown decision?
- Little Rock, Arkansas
3. Who is Rosa Parks?
- _____________________________________
4. What is Passive Resistance?
- Using non-violent forms of protest
5. Who are the Freedom Riders?
- Blacks and whites sitting together to protest bus segregation
6. Who founded the NAACP?
- ____________________________________________
7. What law made it illegal to discriminate?
- Civil Rights Act of ________
8. What law that made it illegal to pay poll taxes and take literacy tests before voting?
- Voting Rights Act of _________
9. What court case ended school segregation?
- _______________ vs. Board of Education
10. What court case allowed segregation in public places as long as it is “separate but equal”?
- Plessy vs. ______________
11. What is the Civil Rights movement?
- ____________________________________
12. What Bill gave soldiers employment, housing, and educational opportunities?
- _______ Bill of Rights
13. List 5 factors that lead to the change in American Society
“baby ____________”
Civil rights movement
Interstate _______________
G.I. _____________________
Women ___________________
14. List two workplace disadvantage woman experienced before
– _______________________in hiring practices against women
– _______________________ for women than for men doing the same job.
15. What 3 ways Improved the conditions for Women
– ______________________________________ (NOW)
– Federal legislation to force colleges to give women equal ________________ opportunities
– The _________________________, created a wider range of options and advancement for women
in business and public service.