New Functions of Journalism Test Word bank:

New Functions of Journalism Test
Word bank:
Witness bearer
authenticator sense maker watchdog (new) empower
forum organizer
Role model
Community building
Which function best fits the definition. Some words may be used more than once or not at all.
1. ____________________ comments section of online media.
2. _____________________taking a difficult idea and explaining it.
3. _____________________ being a source of example for others who aren’t “real” media but
who put out information to the public
4. ____________________ providing information so that the reader can take action or get
5. ____________________ using nonprofits or other organizations to keep an eye on the
6. ____________________ taking what information is already being talked about in the
public and presenting the facts
7. ____________________ reporting on events as they exactly happened without any opinion
or analysis.
Examples. Write the type of function that best fits the example. Some words may be used more
than once, or not at all.
8. ________________________ A reporter goes to the scene of an explosion and describes, in
detail, what happened.
9. ________________________ A story about people with a specific disease who can join a
website to connect with people suffering from the same disease.
10. _______________________A news blogger reads numerous newspaper stories to figure out
how to write.
11. ______________________ There is a hole in the ozone layer above California. The article is
very technical.
12. ______________________ A reporter includes contact info for the source in a story so
readers can find out more information.
13. _____________________ the internet is exploding with rumors that Hilary Clinton is
running for president. A reporter sits down with her to get all the correct facts.
14. ____________________ A reporter uses The Center for Government Honesty for the
research on an article about spending fraud in the Department of the Interior.
15. ____________________ A newspaper creates a comment section for its online edition to
encourage readers to get involved in stories.
Traditional Functions of Journalism
Agenda setting
record keeping
Which function best fits the definition.
16. __________________ brings people together; wedding announcements
17. __________________ keeps on eye on the government
18. __________________ stories related to money, the health of jobs, stocks
19. __________________ determining what the public needs to know
20. __________________consumer goods, consumer consumption, new products
21. __________________things that could be dangerous or upcoming
22. __________________movies, books, restaurants, reviews
23. __________________ related to numbers; hard facts; for future generations to
24. __________________ coverage of political races
Examples. Write the type of function that best fits the example. Some words may be
used more than once, or not at all.
25. ________________________ a story discusses how many people were suspected of illegally
crossing the border in 2007.
26. ________________________ A new movie starring Tom Cruise is released this week.
27. ________________________ There is a movie viewing party for all Tom Cruise fans at the
Alamo and he will be in attendance to meet fans.
28. ________________________ Donald Trump will be in Leesburg giving a stump speech.
29. ________________________ The Leesburg Mayor was caught going to Vegas on more than
one occasion using taxpayer money.
30. ________________________ The smart phone industry is forcing smaller “real” phone
companies out of business.
31. ________________________ The new cost of smart phones is driving some consumers to
look into purchasing older flip phones.
32. ________________________ Hurricane Bob is headed to Ashburn in three days. Residents
are urged to take precautions.
33. ________________________ The annual Westminster Dog Show starts this Sunday and fans
are encouraged to arrive early to meet the dogs.
34. ________________________ Congress plans to shut down the government again over issues
in the budget; some congressmen have said they don’t care about the working
35. ________________________ Briar Woods has seen a roller coaster in attendance in the last
five years. At first enrollment was at 1,600, then increased by 10 percent the
following year. It spiked at 2,220 before falling back to 1,700 this past year.