Top 5 Marketing Trends for 2012

Top 5 Marketing
Trends for 2012
Using the information below, for each
trend read the online article(s) and
summarize that trend on a separate
word document. Drop in Celio’s inbox
when complete.
1. Location Based Marketing (LBM)
This is all about delivering content (usually to mobile devices) to consumers based on their location.
Imagine getting a push message from Starbucks as you walk past one of their stores offering you a free
muffin with your coffee. It can be achieved using a number of technologies including Mobile Phone
Tracking, WiFi and RFID
2. QR Codes
2011 has seen a massive increase in the use of QR codes on everything from advertising campaigns to
product packaging. Their novelty factor has not worn off as quickly as some predicted and we are now
seeing them used on ATL and BTL advertising from some of the biggest brands in the world, right
down to family run businesses. Expect to see a lot more QR codes in 2012.
3. Video
Video comes in many different form factors. Most people think of YouTube or case study material, but
what about video as a communication tool? With Apple shipping Facetime ready devices like there’s
no tomorrow and Cisco predicting that 80% of all internet traffic will be video by 2015, we must
embrace it in all its shapes and sizes. Think about running customer events over video or producing
video newsletters, you might be pleasantly surprised how much the technology has moved on since
you last tried it.
4. Social
Social is ‘Trending’ in a big way. Not just for consumers and our online ‘friends’ but also for
businesses. Forget Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc, they have been trending for a some time now, I
am talking about business applications that are social in their very make-up.’s Chatter,
Cisco’s Jabber, Show and Share and Quad. The enterprise is gearing up to embrace the Facebook
Generation and some of it’s here already.
5. Infographics
The way we consume information is changing and different audiences prefer to consume it in different
ways. Infographics have been a hit in 2011 and I stronly believe they will become more popular
through 2012. Not just for displaying stats on how many users Facebook now has, but being the
breeding ground for a new approach to corporate collateral, Curriculum Vitae’s and many other
documents. Watch this space.