Renaissance/Shakespeare Project English IV Honors

Renaissance/Shakespeare Project
English IV Honors
Stephanie Heintz Wood 2011
The Renaissance is the title given for the years 1485-1660 in England. During
these years, many important cultural and historical events took place—da Vinci
painted the Mona Lisa, Henry the VIII was crowned King of England, "Bloody
Mary" had her turn ruling England, and English Civil Wars were fought.
As for literature, William Shakespeare dominated the theater, while other writers
such as Christopher Marlowe, Edmund Spencer, and John Milton emerged.
For your project, you are to research some aspect of the Renaissance period in
England. Using your textbook as a starting point, search your interests—poetry,
theater, religions, dynasties, roles of women, art, fashion, or the military, to name
a few. Then, you are to use a form of presentation you are comfortable with to
share your information with the class.
For this project, you will be graded on:
Oral presentation
Knowledge of subject
Visual aid(s)
Product (written or other)
Works Cited page
If you feel more comfortable writing an essay from what you learn, you will need
to use complete MLA format (I can help with this), and you will also need a
minimum of one visual aid for your oral presentation (hint: this could be an
overhead transparency—or now, something for the SMARTBOARD ).
I will need a "Works Cited" page for your project, regardless of the method of
presentation you use.
This project is worth 70 points.