– 2.02 Apparel 1 Clothing Care and Doing Laundry

Apparel 1 – 2.02
Clothing Care and Doing
Caring for your clothes
 There
are five things that you should make
part of your daily clothing care routine.
These things are:
Dress and undress carefully
Treat stains
Remove lint and pills
Repair clothes regularly
Store clothes properly
Tips for properly storing clothes
 Fold
clothing for drawer storage
 Hang clothing properly
 Store clothing that is out of season
Cleaning Terms
 Pretreatment-
Any special attention you
give a garment before laundering
 Detergents- Removes dirt from clothes
 Bleach- Removes stains, and whiten and
brightens fabrics
 Dry Cleaning- Cleaning with chemicals
rather than water and detergent
 Fabric Softeners- Reduce static cling,
make fabrics softer, and reduce wrinkling.
Fabric Care Symbols
Permanent Care Labeling Rule
 Please
use the internet to look up the
Fiber content
Percentage of fiber by weight
Country of origin
Care instructions