Homework 6 – Chapter 3 - The Commercial North/The French... Read pages 79-88. Answer questions completely. Elaborate on... 1. Read John Adams quote on page 79. ...

Homework 6 – Chapter 3 - The Commercial North/The French and Indian War
Read pages 79-88. Answer questions completely. Elaborate on the how/why questions.
1. Read John Adams quote on page 79. What is he complaining about?
2. Mercantilism was supposed to help Great Britian. Why do you think it helped New England and the Middle
Colonies even more?
3. What are the advantages of a diverse economy?
4. Why did the south fail to achieve a diverse economy?
5. In what was Philadelphia similar to ancient Rome?
6. How did the design of Philly shape the design of American cities for years to come?
7. Which two immigrant groups dominated the colonies?
8. What were the gripes Ben Franklin had against the Germans who moved to Pennsylvania?
9. Do you think they are valid? Why? Why NOT?
10. Why did slavery have a small beginning in the north and then die out all together?
11. IN what way were women 2nd class citizens in northern colonies?
12. Describe the social divisions revealed during the Salem Witchcraft trials.
13. What was the Enlightenment?
14. Which Americans were influenced by the Enlightement?
15. Prove or disprove this statement: The Enlightement was essential to the American Revolution.
16. What factors lead to the decline of the Puritan Church?
17. According to Jonathan Edwards going to church was not enough for salvation. What else did Edwards want
people to do so they could make it to heaven?
18. Why do you think so many people followed the Great Awakening movement?
19. What was the most important contribution of the Great Awakening to US History?
20. Why was the Great Awakening a new beginning for Protestant churches like the Methodists?
21. Look on page 85 and read Joseph Nichols quote. What problem did Nichols have with British authority?
22. Why did the colonists side with the British in the war against the French and Indians?
23. What was the name of the French colony in Canada?
24. Why was this colony small, 70,000 people versus a million in the British 13 colonies?
25. What piece of land were the British and French fighting over?
26. What was the role of George Washington in starting the French and Indian War?
27. What happened to British General Edward Braddock at Ft. Duquesne?
28. How did Washington emerge as a hero in the defeat?
29. What was the name of the political leader King George II picked to win this war?
30. What was the name of the decisive battle of the war?
31. What did the French lose when they signed the Treaty of Paris?
32. Why did Pontiac view the French defeat as a defeat for all Indians?
33. What led to the failure of Pontiac’s Rebellion?
34. How did the British Government plan to prevent the next war with Indians?
35. How did George Grenville plan to solve Britian’s financial problems?
36. What other new British acts angered colonists?
37. What do these events foreshadow?