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(Spanish 2)
Final Exam 2012
To prepare for C.P.A., you should be able to:
(Check off when you feel confident in your speaking abilities).
Capítulo 3A (¿Qué hiciste ayer en el centro?”)
1. Discuss things you have bought and where you bought them. ___________________
2. Know that the preterite forms of ir/ser are the same. Be able to conjugate them. ________
3. Use tener, estar, poder, and hacer in the preterite. _________________
4. Describe where you went yesterday. _____________
Capítulo 3B (“Cómo se va…”)
1. Give directions for getting to places by looking at a map. ____________
2. Give commands to other people (and know the irregular forms: ve, sé, ten, ven, haz, di,
pon, sal). __________________
3. Describe things you see on the street when you are driving (peatón, la fuente…). _______
Capítulo 4A (Cuando éramos niños…)
1. Talk about what toys you used to play with as a child. ____________
2. Describe the activities you and your friends used to do. _____________
3. State what you used to be like as a child (personality). _______________
4. Conjugate any verb in the imperfect tense (including the three irregular verbs). ________
Review: DOP/IOP/reflexive pronouns in any sentence.