Newsletter 2/8-2/12 Dear Families:

Newsletter 2/8-2/12
Dear Families:
This week we took our Wordly Wise lesson 8 quiz. We also learned more about the
Revolutionary War and the important battles in our nation's quest for independence. Students
read a play about Valley Forge and viewed clips from Discovery Education that illustrated the
challenges and strengths the patriots faced. This week we will be learning about the growing
pains our country encountered and about the creation of the Constitution.
Classes continued to read Ben & Me and we discussed author's use of elements of fantasy to
educate readers about history. The students cited strong examples and mentioned how this
aforementioned writing tool, engages them to want to learn more about history.
In honor of Black History Month we have been viewing and discussing a film about Ruby
Bridges and her impact of the lives of others. As a follow up activity students have started
crafting a writing piece about how they can make a difference in their own community. Classes
outlined the steps they could take to bring about this change. I have enjoyed learning about the
causes they are interested in and look forward to reading their completed pieces.
This week we will be using the mini iPads to practice our words and to utilize another app called
Doodle Buddy, which is great for creating visual examples for vocabulary.
In RTI/"Eagle Time" we have been devoting more time to math practice through the use of Xtra
Math and Accelerated Math. Both programs are excellent ways to improve math skills. Please
encourage your student to use these at home as well and to complete their homework assignments.
On Friday, an exciting reading incentive was passed out that is sponsored by the Charlotte
Hornets. The program is designed to build reading stamina in children. Students read 15 minutes
or more for 15 days once those 15 days are completed they hear a "H." Once they have earned
two "H's" they are eligible to attend a fun filled assembly at our school with Hugo, the Charlotte
Hornet mascot. Please note their reading homework can count toward this.
Classes will be taking class photos this Tuesday, February 9th. Please have your student to
school promptly. Also, those students interested in purchasing photos must make a pre-payment
due by Monday, February 8th. Envelopes were sent home last week.
Important Dates:
School Photos: Tuesday, February 9th
Early Release: Wednesday, February 17th
Have a great week!
Jennifer O'Connor