Apply Time- management Strategies Alex Pasqualone Lakshya kashew

Apply Time- management Strategies
Alex Pasqualone
Lakshya kashew
Orderly and Systematic management
1. Better Efficiency in Delivering Services: Project management provides a “roadmap” that is
easily followed and leads to project completion. Once you know where to avoid the bumps
and potholes, it stands to reason that you’re going to be working smarter and not harder and
2. Improved / Increased / Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Whenever you get a project done
on time and under budget, the client walks away happy. And a happy client is one you’ll see
again. Smart project management provides the tools that enable this client/manager
relationship to continue.
3. Enhanced Effectiveness in Delivering Services: The same strategies that allowed you to
successfully complete one project will serve you many times over.
4. Improved Growth and Development Within your Team: Positive results not only command
respect but more often than not inspire your team to continue to look for ways to perform
more efficiently.
5. Greater Standing and Competitive Edge: This is not only a good benefit of project
management within the workplace but outside of it as well; word travels fast and there is
nothing like superior performance to secure your place in the marketplace.
How can tech enhance time
• Everything is faster and easier to do when you
are using technology such as:
• Research
• Point of Sale systems
• Access to information
• Some times technology can negatively
• Technology can cause many to be distracted and
addicted which will lead to less productivity.
• Google Docs:
– Google Docs is an online collaboration and file
management service to help make your life easier. Upload
and manage all of your documents, presentations, or
spreadsheets to the cloud for easy retrieval at a later time.
• Catch the best:
– Make the hiring process that much easier. With Catch the
Best, you’re able to collaborate with the rest of the team
by sharing, rating and tracking job applications and
resumes. This team-effort style of hiring helps to ensure
the best-fit person fills the empty shoes.
• Rescue Time:
– Rescue Time is a simple analytics tools to help you
understand and monitor the time spent online. To
start, tell Rescue Time what you consider to be
productive (online brand management) and what’s
not productive (online shopping). After each week,
Rescue Time provides an in-depth report and shows
you the time spent on certain websites.
• Phone Tag:
– PhoneTag is a service that will convert voice messages
to text format, and then send them to you via email.
• One Password:
– use 1Password to keep track of all your passwords for
you. All of your passwords are in one place, and you
just remember a single password to access everything.
It saves time, and you don't run the risk of losing your
password notebook.
• Boomerang:
– Boomerang is a really cool email app that can save
your time in your business. You can use it to control
when you receive and send emails, including sending
you reminders about emails with a longer shelf life
• Calendly:
– This works when you want to set appointments,
arrange group meetings, and schedule interviews. You
can put in your availability, and then those send those
who want to set times for meetings can quickly see
what's available.
• Sortly:
– This business tool is all about inventory control. Keep
track of everything with the help of Sortly. Make a list
of what's in your overstock area. Take pictures of your
storage room. This is a good way to make sure that
you know where everything is
• ZenPayroll:
– ZenPayroll can come in for business owners looking
for a little help. ZenPayroll makes things easy, and
even helps you navigate state and federal tax
requirements. It's easy to set up, and once that's
done, the system is smooth and time saving.
• Trello:
– This handy app is a checklist and project management
tool. Small businesses can prioritize a to-do list, set
deadlines, reorder tasks and share the list with others
5 time management techniques used
by successful executives
Eliminate the Unnecessary
– Eliminating the “unnecessary” in life goes a long way in making you more productive
Plan Your Work
Set aside ten to fifteen minutes before work and either write down or mentally plan what you
want to accomplish
– Reduces work but if you can’t do it, don’t try. It’ll lead to sloppy and poor work.
Know when to Multitask
– Try to accomplish as many of them as I can at once and as fast as I can. But when my boss
gives me a special project that he needs done in a timely fashion and of the highest quality,
the time that I devote to that is usually uninterrupted and I usually concentrate on nothing
else other than that project
Reduce interruptions
– you can’t reduce the number of things that are going to interrupt you, but you can alter the
fashion in which you deal with them
Consequences of Poor TimeManagement
Poor Punctuality
Poorly Defined Goals
Poor performance
Lack of energy
Saying ‘Yes’ to everything