Current Reading Guidelines Honors / Research Earth Science

Current Reading Guidelines
Earth Science
SY 2015-2016
Mr. Mumpower / Room 210
Honors / Research
Current Readings are an out of class assignment where the students will search for Earth
Science related articles in newspapers, magazines, or internet.
Students are to find an article, read the article, highlight the facts from the entire article,
and write a summary about the article in your composition notebook.
Summaries can be written in the composition notebook or typed then placed in the
composition notebook.
Summaries need to be 18 lines in length, margin to margin. On the back side of the
summary, write a one paragraph reflection/reflection statement. Insert your current
reading article in your composition notebook.
Articles need to be in the fields of: Geology, Astronomy, Oceanography, and
Meteorology, and Environmental Issues. If you are not sure – ask.
Articles in other Sciences, Medicine, Health, AIDS, Cancers, Cloning/DNA, Animal and
Human Flu, and Weather Reports are not accepted.
The date of the article must be within the current school year, 2015 -2016.
A brief bibliography will be required – see example.
Current Readings will be due every two weeks when the class meets on a Thursday or
Friday. If for some reason we do not have school on that day, the current reading will be
due the next class. Summaries copied “word for word” will not graded.
Grading: Summary – 60 points, Bibliography – 10 points, Reflection – 10 points,
Article with highlighted facts – 20 points, for a total of 100 points.
Current Reading Set up – see back of this sheet >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Current Reading Set –Up
Front Side
1st line – Title of article
2nd line – Source of article – magazine, newspaper, or website.
3rd line – Date of article – month, day, and year.
4th line – Author of article.
5th line – Category – Geology, Meteorology, Astronomy, Meteorology, or Environmental
6th line – SKIP
7th line – 24st line – Summary – written margin to margin (red line to red line) – 18 lines.
Back Side
Reflection / Opinion Statement – one paragraph minimum (4-6 lines)