WH1-The Greek Polis Greek Cities - People of the Greek Cities

WH1-The Greek Polis
Greek Cities
- People of the Greek Cities
o Citizens had political rights and a responsibility of civic participation in their
 Women were not citizens and had no political rights
 Foreigners had no political rights
 Slaves had no political rights
- Rise of the Greek City-state
o Mycenaeans form the first major city-state, or polis
o Dorians come later and Greece declines
o Around 750 BC, the polis reforms and people are more connected to their
community than their country
- The Greek City-state (The Polis)
o Made up of the main city and its surrounding countrysides (villages)
 Usual size ranged from 50-500 square feet
 Usually had less than 20,000 people
o The center of the city was the acropolis- the public center
 Usually located on a hilltop or mountain
 Fortified with stone walls for protection
 Was the place for male citizens to conduct business and talk
Ways to Rule the Greek Polis
- Different Government Options
o Monarchy- ruled by a King
o Aristocracy- ruled by a small group of landowning people
o Oligarchy- ruled by a few powerful people
 Was created when merchants/artisans disliked the rule of the aristocracy
 They decided to rule together instead
o Representative governments began in a few cities
Protecting the Polis
- Armies used to protect the polis, citizens were expected to make up the army
- Weapons of the Greek armies
o Early armies used bronze weapons, only the rich could afford them
o Iron weapons were then invented, iron was cheaper and stronger
o Footsoldiers become the new style of fighting instead of chariots etc.
 Equipped with an iron spear and long shield
o Footsoldiers would standing next to each other
 Phalanx- long lines of soldiers line up for battle
 Considered to be the most powerful fighting force in the ancient world
With the information from your notes and the vocabulary, use the provided poster sheet to design your own
polis. Draw your city from above, showing all of the following information. Be sure to name your polis, as
well as what your people will be called.
1. Draw the outline of the entire polis (it should be near water somewhere)
2. the acropolis(be sure to add protection walls), and villages and travel ways of the city
3. Temple where you would worship the gods. Including your most honored god(s)
4. the local businesses and farming areas
5. the size and the population and where the leader(s) house is/are
6. In your 1-2 page description(flyer0 of your polis you must include at least 10 of the vocabulary words
7. Include 2 city states to be your allies and 2 that are your enemies
After drawing all of this, be sure to choose your style of government. Will you rule alone or with others,
explain. Write at least one paragraph below your picture.
Finally, in the space provided design your shield and spear for your army. What will it look like? What will
you make it out of and how will it represent your polis.
Polis Name:
People Called:
Spear/ Shield Design