French II course information

French II course information
Welcome back to another semester of French! French II gives you the chance to build on what you
had learned from French I and helps you to really be able to use your French. For example, in
French I, you can say what you like. In French II, you can tell why you like it. Afraid you forgot
everything from French I? Don’t worry! I do a good review of the main points of French I and a
“petite revision” every day. In French II, we learn a lot more foods, a lot more clothing, talk about
our daily routine, learn about animals, and learn to talk in the past. Last year, you learned about
French speaking countries. This year, you will learn more about France and famous French people.
At the end of French II, you will be able to
Have longer conversations in your class and understand some French outside the classroom
Give your opinion and support it
Read, understand, and summarize French passages
Write French paragraphs about yourself and other topics
Say you have experienced more French food and holidays
Visit France and plan your dream trip (virtual visits only )
Meet famous French people (alive and dead)
And, believe it or not, be able to understand and contribute to your class for 90 minutes all in French
by the end of the first nine weeks!
Frequently asked questions about the class
1.How is our work graded?
Your grade is based on the following areas:
-tests and quizzes (including midterm and final exams), unit evaluations
-class IB projects
-homework and class participation
2.How will you let me/my parents know how I am doing in this class?
-midterm progress report
-calls, letters, emails
-report card
3.What if I miss a day?
-Good attendance is crucial for success on the block schedule. If you miss a day, ask me or one of your
classmates about any notes or handouts. It is your responsibility to ask for make-up work. Work that is
not made up, including tests, becomes a zero.
4.What if I am having trouble with an assignment?
-I am here after school every day until 3:30. I can stay longer if I know ahead of time. Please do not wait
until you are failing to ask for help!
-I will check my email after school until 6:00 PM you have questions at home.
-Weekly tutoring on Wednesdays until 4:00.
*****If you do not do well on a test, you have the option of attending tutoring and then re-taking the same
test. Your new grade will be the average of the two tests. All tutoring and retests must be done before or
after school.
5.What supplies do I need for this class?
- A section in a big binder for French only OR a spiral notebook with pocket folders for French only
-pocket folder for handouts
-pen or pencil for written work