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Mrs. Daniel Block ______________________________
English 11H
The Catcher in the Rye Chapters 10-12 Discussion Questions
Chapter 10
1. How does Holden describe his sister Phoebe? What does he seem to really like about her?
2. What about the three women that Holden spends time with in the Lavender Room nightclub
does he consider “phony”?
Chapter 11
3. Holden spends much of this chapter describing how he met Jane and their one summer
together. How does he describe her/what kinds of things does he remember about that
summer? What does this reveal about Holden’s feelings for Jane?
4. What do Holden’s memories of Jane reveal about the kind of relationship he is searching
Chapter 12
5. What does Holden’s fascination with the ducks in the Central Park pond symbolize?
6. What might Holden’s constant complaining about “phonies” really imply he dislikes? In
other words, what is it about “phonies” (like Ernie and all the people he meets at the lounge
in this chapter) that he is really uncomfortable with?
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