ACT Career Ready 101 Demonstration Account

ACT Career Ready 101 Demonstration Account
(with access to February 29, 2015)
It is our pleasure to provide you with a demonstration of the ACT Career Ready 101
system and below is your login information. This account will let you review the
curriculum and basic functions of the system. The February 2016 Demo Class has
been assigned a sample course program.
While in the demonstration administrator account, you can review the entire curriculum
by clicking on "Teach" and then selecting the various units in the curriculum library.
Documentation is available by logging in with the administrator username and password
below and then clicking on "Support" at the top of the screen. Also included is a sample
student account which is already enrolled in the demo class. Additional student
accounts may be created as part of the demo.
ACT also offers complimentary introductory webcast overviews of the Career
Curriculum products. Please use this link for additional information and to sign up for a
session: Learning @ACT Introductory Sessions New sessions are added each month.
Administrator Account
Username: February16Demo
Password: snowboarding
Student Account
Username: February16Student
Password: icehockey
Logging In:
To begin using the demo account, go to and enter a username and
password shown above.
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