First Five Presidents First president of the ____________ ____________. George

First Five Presidents
First president of the ____________ ____________.
John Adams
During his presidency:
‾ The Federal ____________System was established.
‾ The __________ of __________ was added to the Constitution.
‾ Plans were created for the national capital in D.C.. ___________
___________, an African American surveyor and astronomer, helped
complete the designs for the city.
During Adam’s presidency, strong political ____________ began
to form.
________________ supported a strong central government.
______________-Republicans opposed a strong central government.
As a result of political divisions, a __________ __________ system developed.
James Madison
He bought the ______________ territory from France (Louisiana Purchase).
___________ and ___________ explored new land west of the Mississippi River.
During Madison’s presidency, the United States became involved in the
ongoing conflict between Great Britain and ____________.
In ____________the United States joined the war.
The War of ___________ caused European nations to gain respect for the
United States.
James Monroe
He introduced the ____________ doctrine warning European nations not to
interfere in the western hemisphere.