Vocabulary List One: Matriarchal Patriarchal

Vocabulary List One:
Matriarchal- Female dominated rule or government
Patriarchal- Male dominated rule or government
Push Factor- Negative reason for migration
Pull Factor- Positive reason for migration
Animism- Attributing souls to inanimate objects in nature (trees, rocks,
6. Paleo- A stem meaning old
7. Neo- A stem meaning new
8. Lith- A stem meaning stone
9. Nomad- A person with no fixed home/moves in search of food
10. Agriculture- Growing food crops and raising animals; farming
Vocabulary List Two:
1. Fertile- producing or capable of producing abundant vegetation or crops
2. Irrigation-a system of supplying land with water by means of artificial
canals, ditches, etc., esp. to promote the growth of food crops
3. Silt-fine sand, clay, or other material carried by running water and deposited
as a sediment
4. Ziggurat-a rectangular stepped tower, sometimes surmounted by a temple
5. Scribe-a person who copies out documents, especially one employed to do
this before printing was invented
6. Monotheism- the belief in one god
7. Polytheism- the belief in many gods
8. City-State-a city that with its surrounding territory forms an independent
9. Alliance-a union between people, groups, countries, etc. : a relationship in
which people agree to work together
10. Arid-having little or no rain; too dry or barren to support vegetation