Top Ten Test-Taking Strategies:

Top Ten Test-Taking Strategies:
1. Read the question or selection carefully.
2. Think about the story as you read, or think about what you are
supposed to do if it is a math question.
3. Look at ALL the answer choices before you choose the best one.
Always think twice before choosing an answer.
4. If you are absolutely sure an answer is correct, mark it and move on
to the next question.
5. Eliminate answer choices you know are wrong.
6. Think of each choice as a possible answer to see if it makes sense.
7. When you’re unsure of an answer, narrow the choices to the two best
ones then make a smart guess.
8. Be sure the number of the item you’re answering matches the number
you’re bubbling on the answer sheet. Double-check to make sure your
numbers match before you turn each page in your test booklet.
9. Pace yourself so that you’re not working too quickly or too slowly. The
best way to do this is to concentrate and pay attention to the fact
that you are taking a test.
10. Try your best to answer ALL the questions, then use any remaining
time to go back and double-check any questions that gave you trouble.
Top Ten Test -Taking Mistakes
Spending too much time on a hard question.
Reading the question incorrectly.
Filling in the wrong answer space.
Reading the answer choices incorrectly.
Forgetting that you’re taking an important test and letting your mind
6. Ignoring or missing important words in the question such as “opposite
7. Making a careless mistake in a math problem, such as adding
8. Copying the math problem incorrectly when copying it onto scratch
9. Failing to go back to the reading selection to verify or look for
10. Performing the wrong math operation, such as adding when the
question asks how many are left.