Legislative Branch Review Guide 2. Define safe and swing districts:

Legislative Branch Review Guide
1. What is the length of a term of Congress?
2. Define safe and swing districts:
3. What are the terms for the House of Representatives and Senate members?
4. Define strict and liberal Constitutional constructionalists
5. Define the four types of congressional representatives:
6. Define deficit spending and the public debt:
7. Define bankruptcy and foreclosure:
8. Define eminent domain:
9. Which two presidents have been impeached by the House of Representatives?
10. List the executive powers of Congress:
11. What is the most prestigious legislative position in Congress and is third in the line of
Presidential succession behind the Vice President?
12. List the types of Congressional Committees
13. List and define the different types of Congressional resolutions:
14. Define filibuster and the cloture rule:
Discussion Questions- Answer the following questions in complete sentences and as completely as
you can.
15. Describe the importance of the House Rules Committee. Include how bills reach the committee,
the control the committee has, and how a representative can override the decision of the
16. What is a “rider”? Why are they so controversial, who uses them and why? Why are they still a
part of the law making process?