1. Bell Ringer: Research Review, Complications?
2. Lecture: Finish Research Methods, Ethics in Psychology
3. Ethics case studies
4. Tom the Dancing Bug, Pg 53
5. Is it ethical? Scenarios Review (10)
6. If we have time, Research Methods Page.
HW: Study for reading quiz, I’m going to lump Chapter 1
information with the Unit 2 test (Chap 1 and 18)
The Three Main Principles
Beneficence- Maximize
good outcomes and avoid
unnecessary risk
Respect- Concern for the
autonomy of persons and
courtesy for the wellbeing of persons who
lack autonomy.
Justice- Fair procedures
and distribution of costs
and benefits.
Six Norms Result from these three main
1. Valid Research
2. Competence of Researcher
3. Identification of Consequences
4. Selection of Subjects
5. Voluntary Informed Consent
6. Compensation for Injury
Is it ethical? Is it valid?
It is ok to study your own children to gain a better understanding of the
development of a child…
It is ok to begin a class experiment where you categorize young children and
see if those labels lead to prejudice.
It is ok to have a person believe they are electrocuting an individual for
disobeying an order.
It is ok to assign roles to individuals and see if they meet those roles in a
controlled environment.
It is ok to utilize electric shock as punishment when a participant gets an
answer wrong.