Weekly Reading Journal 25 points for 4 days of Completed... Nonfiction Monday

Weekly Reading Journal 25 points for 4 days of Completed Journal
Explain how the author presents information in the selection, how does the author hook
the reader?
Analyze the text and explain with supporting details if the information presented was
presented in a manner that was meaningful to you as a reader, and left you with different
perspective or point of view. How has your knowledge been changed or enhanced.
Identify at least 3 to 5 words from the text that you did not know, write these words, write
your definition of the word and draw a symbol or picture that represents the words.
Find another selection either print (book), electronic from internet and compare/contrast
the two selections for the one you read. What was similar, what was different? Which
text presented information in a more appealing manner to you, explain?