Database-- stored in an organized manner File--

1. Database--a collection of data (information) on a specific topic
stored in an organized
2. File--the entire database is also known as a database file
3. Record--all of the information listed for one particular item
(person, place or thing) in
the database file
4. Field--a single category of information for which data is given
in each individual record
5. Entry--each piece of information entered for each field
6. Template--a pattern or form that is used repeatedly for each
record in a database file
(When creating a database, the template is the blank form that
comes up each time
you add a new record to the database.)
7. Search/Find--an operation to locate a specific record(s) that
satisfies a statement or
statements of criteria
8. Match--using a formula to search/find specific criteria given in
a question using one
or more of the following: operators or connectors
9. Operators (words or symbols)--such as less than, <, greater
than, or >
10.Connectors--words such as AND or OR
11. Sort/Arrange--an operation to rearrange the records in a
database file in a specified
alphabetical or numerical order
12. Ascending-to arrange alphabetically--A to Z (WORDS/TEXT)
to arrange numerically--Smallest to Largest (NUMBERS)
13. Descending-to arrange alphabetically--Z to A (WORDS/TEXT)
to arrange numerically--Largest to Smallest (NUMBERS)