Vocabulary Quiz – List 6 – Version 1

Vocabulary Quiz – List 6 – Version 1
Directions: Select the best vocabulary word for each blank. Write your answers on the lines that correspond to
each blank.
There once was a perfect town where none of its faithful denizens ever had a worry in the world;
however, the fall of 2014 was when that (1) ______________ community was turned upside down. This
community was not full of wild party goers, but they decided to “have fun” for a weekend. Unfortunately, once
the fun began, the town’s perfect lake water went from clear and welcoming to (2) ______________and
threatening, the atmosphere went from halcyon and precious to holding a thick, humid fog; and for several days,
70 mph gusts tormented the once peaceful place. After the natural phenomena had ceased, and the partygoers
went back to their prude ways, a teacher was found dead in a pool full of honey. The
(3)______________substance was unfortunately too difficult to swim through. When the person was finally
taken out of his stick grave, the coroner noticed that the man had a broken ankle – there was obvious foul play.
The (4) ______________act was the climax for the unruly time, so they town’s folk figured they just had to
wait for things to calm down again.
The memorial for the teacher was beyond beautiful – the (5) ______________gardens gave the feeling
of introducing life, not concluding one. The only issue was (6) ______________that the deceased friend’s
eulogy gave only took away from the harmonious end.
The once tightknit community slowly began to isolate itself from one another. The
(7)______________between new homes increased greatly, and idea of “letting loose” became an
(8)______________thought and was almost seen as complete blasphemy. The people were just terrified that if
they let loose again, people would get hurt. This raised a simple (9) ______________question: is the downfall
of man an inevitable and part of (10) ______________blueprint for mankind? Or is it possible that some people
just can’t handle that kind of excitement?
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