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8th Grade Health Multiple Choice
1. Which statement about people who have the eating disorder bulimia is true?
A. They usually eat many, very small meals.
B. They often abuse laxatives and diuretics.
C. They have very different personality types from people who have anorexia.
D. They become very thin like people who have anorexia.
2. Henry has told Paul he has trouble with drinking. He asks Paul to help him. All of the
following are healthful things for Paul to suggest EXCEPT:
A. "Tell your parents you want help."
B. "Talk to a teacher about resources."
C. "Go to the school counselor and ask for some information."
D. "You need to increase your tolerance to alcohol."
3. Gina confided to Leslie that she has a problem with alcohol and wants to get help. Leslie
would like to help Gina. Which of the following actions by Leslie would provide the best help for
A. Talk to a trusted adult, such as a teacher or school counselor.
B. Talk to other girls and hope no one gossips.
C. Tell Gina not to worry, she's just going through a phase.
D. Tell Gina's older sister, who is a senior in high school.
4. Cary and his sixth-grade friends have found a can of paint. His friends suggest sniffing the
paint. Which statement could Cary use to try to prevent his friends from experimenting with
the inhalant, but still be part of the group?
A. "Breathing paint fumes makes a person act silly, but you guys go ahead."
B. "People die from paint sniffing. Let's go to my house instead."
C. "My nose is plugged, but you go ahead."
D. "You guys are dumb. I don't want to hang around losers like you."
5. Josie is home alone when the phone rings. When she answers the phone, an unknown
person starts to ask her personal questions. In this situation, Josie should:
A. be polite and answer the questions the caller is asking.
B. not answer the questions, hang up the phone, and tell a trusted adult what
C. talk to the caller and try to change the subject.
D. tell the caller she is home alone and ask the person to call back later.
8th Grade Health Multiple Choice
6. The leading cause of death in the United States among 15- to 24-year-olds is motor vehicle
crashes. To best reduce the risk of serious injury or death in a crash, a young person should:
A. ride only with drivers over 24 years old.
B. always wear a safety belt.
C. ride only on major highways.
D. ride in a car after dark only with experienced drivers.
7. Which of the following statements about alcohol use and the risk of suicide is true?
A. Alcohol use is associated with the increased risk of suicide.
B. Alcohol use is associated with the decreased risk of suicide only in teenage boys.
C. Alcohol use is associated with an increased risk of suicide only in adults.
D. Alcohol use is associated with the decreased risk of suicide.
8. One of your friends appears to be thin but talks all the time about how fat she is. She hardly
eats anything at lunch and frequently takes pills to make her go to the bathroom. She tells you
that she is worried about her weight and asks for your advice. Which of these would be BEST
for you to do?
A. Assure her that she looks good and shouldn't worry; you wish you could look like her
B. Tell her you don't know; she will have to learn to solve her problems by herself
C. Suggest she ask some of her other friends what she should do
D. Offer to go with her to talk to the school counselor, school nurse, or some adult she
9. Anorexia and bulimia are eating disorders that involve inadequate nutrition. Which of these
parts of the body are MOST likely to be damaged by these eating disorders?
A. Heart, bones, and teeth
B. Skin, liver, and muscles
C. Eyes, reproductive organs, and throat
D. Mouth, stomach, and cartilage
10. How is anorexia DIFFERENT from bulimia?
A. Anorexia involves not eating; bulimia does not.
B. Anorexia involves making yourself vomit; bulimia does not.
C. Anorexia involves thinking you are too fat; bulimia does not.
D. Anorexia is done in private; bulimia is not.
11. Foods high in vitamins A and C most likely belong to which of the following food groups?
A. Breads and Grains
B. Fruits and vegetables
C. Meats, Dry Beans, and Eggs
D. Milk, Yogurt, and Cheese
8th Grade Health Multiple Choice
12. For lunch Chris had a hamburger on a roll, carrot sticks, and a milkshake. What food group is
missing from Chris's lunch?
A. Meat
B. Dairy
C. Vegetable
D. Fruit
13. Which of these is the BEST way to deal with garbage without polluting the environment?
A. Burning it
B. Burying it
C. Dumping it in the ocean
D. Recycling it
14. Which of these is a common cause of indoor air pollution?
A. Ozone
B. Tobacco smoke
C. Nitrogen peroxide
D. Indoor plants
15. Ordering a hamburger well-done at a restaurant because of fears about E. coli bacteria is an
example of a food choice based on:
A. culture.
B. safety.
C. money.
D. curiosity.
16. The most healthful advice a person could give someone who needs to gain weight would be
A. eat high-fat snacks between meals.
B. drink more water.
C. check with a doctor for a recommended diet plan.
D. consume fewer calories, but more fat.
17. Susan wants to eat foods with more calcium. Which of these foods has the greatest amount
of calcium in one serving?
A. Onions
B. Yogurt
C. Potatoes
D. Corn
8th Grade Health Multiple Choice
18. Four-year-old Kim is gasping for breath. Her breathing is high-pitched, and she cannot
speak. You notice that there are pieces of hard candy on the table near her. What should you
A. Have Kim bend forward and give hard blows on her back, between her shoulders,
with your open hand
B. Have Kim sit down, wrap your arms around her waist, make a fist with one hand and
grasp it with the other, then give several forceful squeezes
C. Stand behind Kim, wrap your arms around her waist, make a fist with one hand and
grasp it with the other, then give a quick, upward thrust
D. Make Kim lie down, then sweep her mouth with your finger to check for candy
19. Which of the following may be a benefit of regular physical activity?
A. Increased mental alertness
B. More physical ailments
C. Decreased need for water
D. Substantial weight gain
20. Date rape happens to some women. Which of the following scenarios would most likely be
safest in terms of date rape?
A. Going out on a first date with several couples
B. A woman going out alone with someone she has just met or barely knows
C. Being the only female in a group of guys
D. Drinking alcohol or using other drugs while on a date
21. Jason and Abby are at a party. They were unaware alcohol was present until after they
arrived. Abby knows that alcohol can contribute to poor decision making. Jason is trying to
convince Abby it is okay to have a drink. Which of the following statements best shows the
connection between drinking and the risks of an unintended sexual encounter?
A. "My parents would be really upset with me."
B. "Alcohol can affect your ability to drive."
C. "Alcohol can impair judgment and lead to unhealthy decisions."
D. "We are both under age and could get caught drinking."
22. Which of the following would be the LEAST effective method of resisting pressure to
become sexually active?
A. Walking away from the situation
B. Providing a reason for not engaging in sexual behavior
C. Assuming one would never be pressured on a date
D. Saying "no" and repeating it as often as necessary
8th Grade Health Multiple Choice
23. Susan has chosen to be abstinent. By making this decision, Susan has reduced the risk of:
A. losing a boyfriend.
B. being teased.
C. getting pregnant.
D. being pressured by her peers.
24. Teenage pregnancy has certain risks. One of the health risks of being a teenage mother is
that teenagers:
A. may not be ready for the physical stress of pregnancy.
B. often consume too many nutrients in a day.
C. must eat for two, so they gain too much weight.
D. are more likely to have overweight babies.
25. How old must a person be to legally purchase tobacco in the United States?
A. 10 years old
B. 16 years old
C. 18 years old
D. 21 years old
26. Paula has discovered that her friend Gabriella has been experimenting with smoking
cigarettes. Which of the following is the most healthful thing Paula could do to help Gabriella
quit smoking?
A. Paula could start smoking cigarettes with Gabriella.
B. Paula could tell Gabriella about the risks of smoking and encourage her to get help.
C. Paula could quit being friends with Gabriella.
D. Paula could encourage Gabriella to try smokeless tobacco rather than cigarettes.
27. Which of these is the BEST way to deal with stress?
A. Talk with the person who is causing the stress until he or she agrees to stop.
B. Get away from the stressful situation and think about a solution while relaxing,
exercising, or listening to music.
C. Completely ignore the problem because it won't seem important later.
D. Express anger toward the person who is causing the stress by using harsh words and
an angry tone of voice.
8th Grade Health Multiple Choice
28. Julia wants to go hiking occasionally after school. Her friends always want to watch
television. Which of the following would be an appropriate way for Julia to ask her friends to go
A. "You guys are boring. Do something different for once."
B. "I like to hike and I want you to come with me."
C. "If you were really my friends, you'd go hiking with me."
D. "I won't watch television with you any more if you don't go with me."
29. Body piercing is a fad that can affect a person's health. What signs and symptoms would
indicate possible infection at the site of a ring?
A. Skin that is paler than usual and cold to the touch
B. Skin that feels numb or asleep
C. Skin that is swollen or tender to the touch
D. Discolored skin that is numb
30. Several of Abigail's classmates have tattoos. Which of the following would be the best thing
for Abigail to do to get information about the health risk of tattoos?
A. Talk to her family physician and parents
B. Talk to a licensed tattoo artist
C. Talk to classmates who have tattoos
D. Talk to a neighbor
31. Lyme disease is an illness caused by a tick bite. People come in contact with ticks when they
walk in the woods or tall grass. What types of clothing should a person wear to protect himself
or herself from tick bites?
A. Long-sleeved shirt and shorts
B. Long-sleeved shirt and long pants
C. Short-sleeved shirt and shorts
D. Short-sleeved shirt and long pants
32. A new group home for people with disabilities has opened in Patrick's neighborhood. His
friends are joking about the residents. Which of the following would be the most positive thing
Patrick could say to his friends in this situation?
A. "It isn't right to make fun of people."
B. "That's pretty funny."
C. "We should just ignore them."
D. "I wish they hadn't opened the group home in my neighborhood."
8th Grade Health Multiple Choice
33. You are on a date, and the person you are with touches you in a way that makes you feel
uncomfortable. You ask your date to stop, but the touching continues. What should you do
A. Tell the person you were only teasing
B. Go along with it since you put yourself in this situation
C. Firmly say "Stop" again, then leave
D. Say nothing and wait to see how things go
34. Which of these is the MOST appropriate way to respond to a friend who is talking about
A. You're kidding! Don't even say those things! That's really stupid.
B. Oh sure. You don't have the guts to do that!
C. You must be really sad. Would you like to talk about it?
D. I'm not hanging around and listening to you say those things. I'm leaving!
35. Some states have "Good Samaritan laws." These laws are intended to protect -A. people who drive by an accident scene without stopping to give aid
B. the legal rights of victims from the efforts of rescuers
C. rescuers who give care in an emergency from legal problems
D. accident victims from excessive health care costs
36. Which of these is the BEST example of being a good friend?
A. Oralee told a lie to keep her friend Donna from getting in trouble.
B. Chris is arguing with his friend Matt about who is more popular.
C. Dennis plays basketball with his friend Al because he knows Al likes basketball.
D. Hannah does her friend Tashias homework so that Tashia will keep liking her.
37. Which of the following is an example of a negative influence the media can have on a
person's self-respect or sense of self? Pictures or words that show:
A. anyone can be happy.
B. only thin people can be successful.
C. everyone has flaws.
D. a person doesn't have to be considered attractive to be popular.
38. Which of the following is the best example of good communication skills?
A. Being sarcastic
B. Being argumentative
C. Using a respectful tone of voice
D. Having a sense of humor
8th Grade Health Multiple Choice
39. Affection can be demonstrated in many ways. Which of the following would be the LEAST
appropriate way to demonstrate affection in school?
A. Smiling
B. Kissing
C. Sharing experiences
D. Doing things for each other
40. A healthy way to manage stress is to:
A. Take drugs or alcohol to relax
B. Exercise and eat healthy
C. Curse and hit people causing the stress
D. Play a computer game
41. Which of the following would be LEAST likely to provide reliable information about the risks
of teenage pregnancy?
A. The local health department
B. A doctor or nurse
C. A soap opera about teenage pregnancy
D. A health textbook
42. Which of the following statements about sexual activity and pregnancy is true?
A. A woman cannot become pregnant by having sexual intercourse only once.
B. Babies born to teenage mothers are often less healthy than babies born to women in
their twenties.
C. Most teenagers are sexually active.
D. Most teenage pregnancies are planned.
43. A friend has talked about suicide. A person can best help prevent the suicide by doing all of
the following EXCEPT:
A. leaving the person alone.
B. taking the threat seriously.
C. talking calmly and listening carefully to the person.
D. getting help.
44. Calvin strikes out at his baseball game. He says it was because the umpire made a bad call.
Calvin is using a defense mechanism known as:
A. Rationalization
B. Displaced aggression
C. Denial
D. Lying
8th Grade Health Multiple Choice
45. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is a federal agency that -A. imports drugs used successfully in other countries
B. provides volunteers for testing experimental drugs made by pharmaceutical
C. determines which drugs require a prescription
D. determines the effectiveness of drugs
46. Tiana and her friends have just arrived at Josh's birthday party. They notice a strange smell
and everyone at the party is acting strange. Which of the following would be the most healthful
thing for Tiana and her friends to do?
A. Find Josh and wish him a happy birthday
B. Go in the house and see what is happening
C. Leave and go do something else
D. Stay at the party if they find some friends there
47. Which of these statements about the effects of smoking is NOT true?
A. Smoking kills more people each year than automobile accidents.
B. Smoking causes many different kinds of cancer.
C. Smokers and nonsmokers have about the same rates of respiratory disease.
D. Many effects of smoking on the body are reversible if a person stops smoking.
48. A sedentary lifestyle can lead to an increased risk of -A. Lung cancer
B. cardiovascular disease
C. kidney disease
D. tuberculosis
49. Which of the following is the best strategy to effectively say "no" to sexual activity?
A. Speak in a soft voice
B. Lower one's head and shoulders when speaking
C. Shift one's weight back and forth when speaking
D. Maintain eye contact when speaking
50. You and your best friend just had an argument and you both are very upset. Your next
step should be:
A. Plan to fight them after school.
B. Tell all your friends what she/he did and tell them not to talk to her/him.
C. Talk about her/him on social media and what you will do to her/him.
D. Take time to think about what happened and talk to a trusted adult.
8th Grade Health Multiple Choice