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What are the estates? Who is in each
The Estates are groups of people within
1st Estate- Catholic Clergy
2nd Estate- Nobles (2% of population)
3rd Estate- Peasants, Working Class,
What are the three major
reasons for Revolution in 1789?
1. A Rise in Enlightenment
2. Economic Issues
3. Weak Leadership
Why did Louis XVI call the meeting
of the Estates-General?
France was facing
Bankruptcy so Louis tries to
tax the 2nd Estate. An
Estates-General is called to
discuss the issue.
What occurred during the
“Storming of the Bastille?”
Peasants storm the
Bastille because they fear
the French Army will kill
them. A mob storms the
Bastille and kills several
What differentiates the Moderate
phase of the French Revolution to the
Radical phase?
The Moderate
Phase deals with
legislative reform,
the radical phase
was more violent.
Who is the Jacobin Club?
The Jacobin Club was an
organization during the
Reign of Terror that
promoted violence against
enemies of Revolution
Who is the major leader during
the Reign of Terror?
Why are people put to
death during the Reign
of Terror?
They are “against” the
Revolution, OR
Robespierre “thinks”
they are against him.
Promote fear among the
What major invention was
utilized during the Reign
of Terror? Bonus, identify
two people killed with this
new weapon.
Guillotine, Louis XVI,
Marie Antionette,
Robespierre, etc. etc.
What period follows the
Radical Phase? How
does the Radical phase
The Radical phase ends
with the death of
Robespierre. It moves
onto the directory, which
is rule by moderate
What is the significance of
Napoleon crowning himself
Instead of the “Pope”
crowning the Emperor,
showing support with
the Church, it is
Napoleon “taking”
How is the Battle of Trafalgar
different from others during the
Napoleonic Wars?
Napoleon won land battles
relatively easily in this time
period, but even with
alliances he couldn’t
succeed here.
What are the three major mistakes
of Napoleon within his Empire?
1. Continental
2. Peninsular War through
3. Invasion of Russia
What is Napoleon’s legacy in
Promoted Order
and Stability.
Napoleonic Code
How did Napoleon take power in
Napoleon controlled
the army and had
the popular support
of the people.
Who is the major leader during the
Congress of Vienna? Where did it take
Metternich was the major
leader, and the meeting took
place in Austria.
What are the major outcomes of
the Congress of Vienna?
Europe’s political
boundaries are set to
Former leaders are put
back into power.
Alliance System forms.
How would these events
eventually lead to World War I?
The Alliance
System and a rise
in Nationalism
would lead to WWI
What was the original purpose of
the Congress of Vienna?
To fix everything
that Napoleon
Are there any losers during the
Congress of Vienna? How do they
keep everyone satisfied?
France, maybe
Everyone got their
territory back, and
returned to a stable
Who is the major leader in the
Haitian Revolt?
Why do Creole’s begin 90% of the
Revolutions in Latin America?
They are one step below
Peninsulares, and are welleducated in Enlightenment
ideas. They also control the
Who leads the
Independence movement
in Venezuela?
Simon Bolivar
Why was it hard to unify the LA
states after independence?
Independence brings an
increase in poverty. A
united Latin America
would eventually collapse
with poverty and
Identify the four groups and give a
brief description of each one.
1. Peninsulares- High class, native
born in Europe. Control all high
offices in Latin America.
2. Creoles- hold military offices,
Europeon; however, they are born
in Latin America.
3. Mestizo- A mixture of Indian
and European blood.
4. Mulatto- A mixture of African
and European blood.
Make your wager
What are the
major phases
within the French
Revolution from
1. Moderate- A phase with
legislative reform, not violent.
2. Radical- Reign of Terror,
Robespierre, use of the Guillotine.
3. Conservative- The Directory and
Napoleon, stability returns to