News and Upcoming Events: due February 1 . Please make sure

News and Upcoming Events:
February 1st-5th 2016
January Homework Calendars and reading logs are due February 1st. Please make sure
Library books and sight word books come back to class EVER Monday.
Now that Mclass testing is done, I have a much better look of where students need intense instruction.
Beginning in February students will start receiving a packet of 4 pages (sometimes more or less) in
their homework folder. These packets are activities, I have created or compiled, specific to your
student’s needs. There are specific days marked on the calendar for them to complete these activities.
Where you see “differentiated activity 1” students are to complete the first page of the packet. If you
receive more than four pages, please take any extra time you have to work with your child. If there is a
day on the calendar marked “differentiated activity 3” or “differentiated activity 4” but your child only
received 2 activities, you can take this time to revisit and review any skills or areas of concern. These
packets will be due to me at the end of the month with the calendar.
What We’re Learning
Theme: Winter/ Hibernation
Reading: RL.K. 4 I can ask about unknown words in a text.
Birthdays and
Other News
Sight Words: said, run, make
Math: Attributes
 K.MD.1 Describe objects using measureable attributes.
 K.MD.2 Compare objects using measureable attributes.
Writing: Writing proper sentences
 L.K.2 a-d: I can use capitalization and punctuation. I can spell
words and write sounds I hear in words.
Save the date: Our next Field
Trip will be to Patterson
Farms on April 14th.
Science/ Social Studies: Winter
•K.E.1 Understand change and observable patterns of weather that
occur from day to day and throughout the year.
•K.H.1.2 Explain how seasons change over time.
Things of the week:
Shape: Rectangle
Number: 18
Letter: Rr
School Words: Mood, Perimeter, Landform
Word Family: -ock
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