C English 9 Rooms 104 and 504

English 9
Mrs. Glynn [email protected]
Rooms 104 and 504
Titan Time: 3 rd period
 3-ring binder with 6 dividers; blue or black ball point pen;
pencil/eraser; highlighter; book cover; small-medium sticky notes
 1 box of tissues
 Electronic storage device (flash drive)
 Loose-leaf paper; 1 non-spiral composition book
 Language of Literature- - McDougal-Little (provided)
 Language Network—McDougal Little (provided)
 Independent Reading Books (bring/select your own)
Dividers: Bellringers, Class Notes/Reading, Handouts, Writing and
Grammar , Vocabulary, Tests and Quizzes
English 9 is the study of literature by genre with an emphasis on developing
your oral and written communication skills. You will grow as a reader,
writer and speaker.
To succeed in this course you need to be prepared to actively engage in
reading, writing and classroom activities.
Research indicates there are two ways of improving your own writing: 1.)
Read and analyze good writers 2.) Write.
We will write every day. Our focus will be on developing ideas effectively
using a variety of forms and structures such as:
We will read daily and will include a variety of texts in many genres.
Students will engage in Sustained Silent Reading (SSR) every day and will
have a quarterly report due each quarter that will be tied to their
independent reading.
Communication and Media Literacy:
Students will plan, present and critique a variety of speeches and oral
communication opportunities. It is imperative for students to understand
how to integrate critical reading, discern credible written information and
express themselves effectively in person or on video.
Vocabulary and Grammar:
Vocabulary will be selected from readings in context and from a list of SAT
prep words. LCPS and the state of Virginia emphasize the importance of
root words, prefixes and suffixes. Grammar will be studied as a topic and in
conjunction with the writing process.
Classroom Expectations:
Students will be expected to be prompt, prepared and polite. Additionally,
all students are expected to participate and use a planner. Failure to meet
expectations will result in a “Clinic” or reteaching/learning opportunity.
Assessment and Grading:
Students and parents can access grades at any time using the Clarity portal.
Students will be evaluated on the five English strands in the following
Reading – 40%
Writing/Communication – 50%
Grammar/Vocabulary – 10%
Note: Homework will be checked using a learning progression scale (1-4). Homework
can count for up to +/-2% of the final grade determination.
All papers should be typed in 10-12 font or written legibly in blue or black ink.
Every piece of writing must be labeled with your name, instructor, class, date and a
Nino Titan
Mrs. Glynn
English 11-A1
Sept. 6, 2012
Nino Titan
Mrs. Glynn
English 11-A1
Sept. 6, 2012
Chemical Catalysts
“The Red Death”
page 75; Study Q’s 1-4
Symbolism in “The Red
Nino Titan
Mrs. Cannell
Sept. 6, 2012
*Examples 1 and 2 may also be flush left; Example 3 student info can be aligned right