Third Grade CogAT Practice

1. Figure out how the first pair of words
goes together. Then find the word that
makes the next pair go together in the
same way.
2. Read the sentence and the answer
choices below it. Then find the word
that makes the most sense in the
3. Decide how the first three words are alike.
Then find the answer choice that is most
like the first three words.
5. The first two number pairs follow a rule. Using this
rule, what’s the missing number in the third pair?
Number (18)
4. Look at the first two rows of the puzzle. There are two numbers and
an arrow between them. The arrows tell us the numbers 10 and 8
follow a rule, and the numbers 8 and 6 follow the same rule. Now
look at the third row. Follow the rule. What is the missing number?
Sentence (20)
(20) Verbal
(22) Verbal
Third Grade CogAT Practice
(16) Puzzles
6. What number goes in the square?
7. What number goes in the square?
8. How many beads should the next string have?
(20) Figure
10. How do the pictures in the top row go together?
Look at the pictures in the bottom row. What
should the missing picture look like?
12. Look at the answer choices on the right side of the
line. Which figure is most like the first three
shapes on the left side of the line?
Paper (16)
11. Which picture shows how the paper will look when
it’s unfolded?
(20) Figure
Series (18)
9. What is the next number in the series?