Sit- Ins, Freedom Riders, and Marches white non-violent

The Freedom Riders were a group of men and
women who decided to use passive resistance to
fight for justice. They boarded busses and sat
beside white riders, refusing to ride the "colored
only" bus. Riders faced police brutality, KKK
violence and personal attacks.
The March on Washington was one of the most
famous marches during the Civil Rights movement.
This is where Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his
famous “I Have a Dream” speech on August 28th,
National Association for the Advancement
of Colored People – fought for equal rights
for African Americans. Founded by W.E.B
Malcolm X – wanted to
achieve social change through
violence/black power
Martin Luther King Jr. – civil
rights activist –gave the
famous “I have a Dream”
speech – believed in nonviolent protests
Rosa Parks – refused to give
up her seat on a Montgomery
City bus.
Led to Montgomery Bus
20th Century Civil Rights Leaders
Treatment or consideration
based on class or category
rather than individual merit
An adverse judgment or
opinion formed beforehand
or without knowledge or
examination of the facts.
The belief that race
accounts for differences in
human character or ability
and that a particular race is
superior to others.
The upholding of what is
just, especially fair
treatment and due reward in
accordance with honor,
standards, or law.
Sit- Ins, Freedom Riders, and Marches
African Americans would sit at all white
restaurants and not move until they were served.
This is an example of non-violent protesting.