Advanced Functions NAME ____________________ Ch 5: “Trigonometric Functions”

Advanced Functions
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Ch 5: “Trigonometric Functions”
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“Applications Involving Right Triangles”
1) Television screens are measured by the length of the diagonal of the screen. Find the
width of a 19-inch television screen if the diagonal makes an angle of 38 with the base of
the screen.
2) The angle of elevation from a point 116 meters from the base of the Eiffel Tower to
the top of the tower is 68.9 . Find the approximate height of the tower.
3) Venus rotates in a nearly circular orbit around the sun. The largest angle formed
by Venus, Earth, and the sun is 46.5 . The distance from Earth to the sun is
approximately 149,000,000 kilometers. What is the orbital radius r of Venus?
Round the answer to the nearest million kilometers.
4) From a point 300 feet from the base of a Roman aqueduct in southern France, the
angle of elevation to the top of the aqueduct is 78 . Find the height of the aqueduct.
5) A biologist wants to know the width w of a river (see figure) in order to
properly set instruments for studying the pollutants in the water. From point
A, the biologist walks downstream 100 feet and sights to point C. From the
sighting, it is determined that θ = 58°. How wide is the river? Round your
answer to three decimal places.