Hello and Welcome Back! We are looking forward to a... successful school season here at Dominion High School. It is...

Hello and Welcome Back! We are looking forward to a wonderful and
successful school season here at Dominion High School. It is our
privilege to coach you and help you accomplish your academic goals.
Our mission is to create a home field advantage for each and every Titan.
Gasser………………Health/PE and Team Leader
Mrs. Quirin………………Administrator
Ms. Tucker………………Guidance Counselor
Mrs. Scipioni……………… Titan Time Teacher
Leadership, Character, Respect, Service, Excellence
Nationals’ Team Goals
Leadership, Character, Respect, Service, Excellence
1. Establish meaningful relationships.
2. Foster respect and responsibility.
3. Celebrate by recognizing achievement.
4. Use agenda consistently and effectively.
5. Provide a rigorous curriculum to support the success of
each and every National.
Nationals’ Team Expectations for Classroom Procedures
Leadership, Character, Respect, Service, Excellence
Beginning of Class
1. Entering Class
a. Be On Time: When the bell rings, you should be in your seat and working on the “Bell Ringer/
b. Come in quietly and wait for the teacher to come to you.
2. Being Prepared
a. Have out all required materials (i.e. agenda, pen/pencil, notebook, homework) when the bell rings.
b. Have a positive attitude.
3. “First 10” No one will be allowed to leave the room during the first 10 minutes of class.
During Class
1. Agenda
a. Bring your agenda to class everyday.
b. Write your homework for every class, in your agenda, everyday.
c. Use your agenda as a hall pass to the nurse. (We will not ask you to use your agenda as a pass to the
d. Use your own agenda, no sharing.
e. All pages should remain in the agenda.
2. Manners
a. Follow the Titan Honor Code.
b. Be courteous and respectful.
c. Use Truly Titan expressions such as “Please,” “Thank you,” “Pardon me,” “May I,” etc.
d. When you need something, please remember to say “May I have.” instead of “I need.”
e. Do not talk when another Titan is talking.
f. Raise your hand and wait patiently to be recognized before leaving your seat to go to the restroom,
pencil sharpener, trash can, etc. It is not polite to get up while the teacher is presenting a lesson.
3. Materials
a. Have out only the materials required for the class you are currently in.
4. Announcements
a. There is no talking during announcements!
End of Class
1. Be courteous and respectful by leaving your materials out until the teacher says it’s okay to pack up.
2. At the end of class, the teacher dismisses you…..not the bell.
3. “Final 10” No one will be allowed to leave the room during the final 10 minutes of class.
**We will re-teach all expectations and procedures as necessary at a time convenient for the teacher.
Nationals’ Titan Time Expectations
Leadership, Character, Respect, Service, Excellence
First 35 minutes
During the first 35 minutes of Titan Time, everyone should be in their assigned seat and
there should be no talking. You should raise your hand if you have a question.
Team Meetings
Your teachers will not be available during the last 45 minutes of Titan Time on scheduled
Team Meeting days. (You can find these dates in your agenda. Please plan accordingly.)
If you would like to visit another teacher’s classroom or the media center during Titan Time,
you must have a pass from that teacher or the media center BEFORE you enter Titan Time.
Partner Work
Titan time will be used for independent work. Sometimes, a teacher may take one or more
students to a different area for review or make up testing.
Final 10 Minutes
Everyone should return to their seat and remain quiet during the final 10 minutes of Titan
Each and every Dominion High School student will…
…accept the challenge of leadership for today and tomorrow.
…display courtesy, character, and integrity in all situations.
…respect the rights of every member of our diverse community.
…serve the community as a responsible citizen and positive role model.
…work hard to achieve academic excellence.
In order to fulfill the mission of Dominion High School, each and every member of the community
1. …accept responsibility for his/her actions.
2. …act as a role model in all endeavors, demonstrating courtesy, trustworthiness, school pride,
and positive sportsmanship.
3. …commit to life-long learning.
4. …develop caring relationships among students, staff, family, and community members.
5. …encourage each and every student to work to his/her fullest potential.
6. …promote student growth through active involvement in academics, activities, arts, athletics,
and community service.
7. …recognize achievement wherever and whenever we find it.
8. …respect the dignity, individuality, and rights of self and others.
9. …strive for excellence while maintaining our sense of fun.
10. …work together to establish a positive learning environment in the school, the home, and the
Academic Integrity: You will be trusted to do your own work on all assignments. The Honor Code shown
below should guide your efforts as you make every attempt to maintain your integrity as a scholar. By School
Board Policy, students found misrepresenting the truth in this regard will receive a zero on the applicable
assignment, quiz, test, or project.
Dominion High School Honor Code
It is the right, privilege, and responsibility of each and every Titan to contribute to and maintain an environment
of trust and academic integrity. All Titan community members are expected not to cheat, plagiarize, lie, commit
forgery, or steal.
Cheating includes, but is not limited to:
Requesting or providing unauthorized assistance on an assignment.
Using unauthorized study aids during a test.
Copying another student’s work, including homework assignments.
Deliberately allowing another student to copy your work.
Passing test or quiz information during an assessment or to students who will be taking the assessment at
another time.
Using a translator (electronic or other) on any foreign language assignment.
Plagiarism includes, but is not limited to:
Presenting the ideas, opinions, or work of someone else without giving proper credit.
Insufficient acknowledgement of all sources of information including, but not limited to: print materials,
visual materials, oral presentations, and electronic media.
Lying and Forgery include, but are not limited to:
Deliberately telling an untruth or falsehood to administrators, faculty members, or other staff members.
Any form of deceit, attempted deception, or fraud.
Altering or falsifying any school document, notes, or passes.
Signing any signature that is not one’s own.
Stealing includes, but is not limited to:
Taking without the right or permission to do so, the schoolwork or materials of another student or the
instructional materials of a teacher.
To avoid compromising your integrity, when in doubt ASK a teacher or administrator for clarification.